Reference letter - really good or simply coded?


Hi altogether,

as I am not an English native, I don’t know anything about the codes used in English reference letters. So how can I interpret the following formulations? The reference letter states that it doesn’t contain any codes…

  1. Confirmation that I worked for this company, Information about the company, Information about my duties…
  2. “Due to the experience gained in this work environment, his advanced knowledge of English and dedication to his work he was able to carry out his duties with the best of results. He worked independently and very efficiently at all times. He was an enthusiastic and very flexible person, always helpful and therefore liked by his colleagues and supervisors.
    We regret that he wishes to leave our company, however we wish him all the very best for the future and great success with his future studies at the University”

I would be very happy if someone could help me to understand whether this is a really good reference letter or not, thank you very much in advance!




Is this a personal tutor reference for university? Probably needs to be longer


No, it is from a company I’ve worked for part-time, doing administrative tasks! Of course, the whole reference letter is much longer, and says a lot about my tasks and the company! I simply thought that this is the most important passage of the whole reference letter because it is about my performance…
Btw: happy new year!