Reeves Full Experience 2013


Hi guys I recently got offered a training contract at a mid tier firm and was surprised at the lack of information available on wikijobs for Reeves.

So as my username suggests I thought I would build up some good karma and more importantly pay back to wikijobs for all the relevant help I had.

So now I will go in depth to the recruitment process of Reeves.

I applied to Reeves in late October via an application form with the generic questions asked such as why Reeves etc.

I was then contacted in late November telling me that I was shortlisted and was invited to take both a numerical and verbal online test. These were Kenexa. The different thing here is that you must take the numerical test first and only if you past that will they send you the verbal one to do and in between it took about a week for them to send me the verbal one to do.

I was then contacted a week after doing the verbal test that I was successful and they wanted to invite me to their Canterbury office for an AC in early January even though I applied to their London office.

Anyway the AC started at 10am with 6 candidates with a short 30 minute presentation by the HR people and then a short ice breaker exercise so you introduce yourself and what you are doing or did etc.

Then at 11am the AC officially started. It was the group exercise first and basically the group is split in 2 and you must build a bridge out of sticks and you must not cross the imaginary line or you will drown. So then each group takes one side and you must join the sticks in the middle making a bridge and it can stand without any support. This exercise lasted an hour and was frustrating so to speak and it wasnt because of the other group members but because it was so hard.

We had a good try at it but failed anyway and the HR people who were assessing your capability to work as a group will tell you not to worry as this is an extremely difficult task designed to annoy you but at the same time still work as a group which such situations can arise in real life. The HR person then showed us the correct way of building the bridge and then this ended the exercise.

Straight after was lunch at 12pm and we were joined by several trainees which we could ask any questions about their training etc.

At 1pm the final exercises were conducted simultaneously of the in tray and the interview.

I did the in tray first which was relatively easy. Basically it was a series out of emails and letters printed out in a folder and you must prioritise which emails you will respond to first and what is your decision on the email. This exercise lasted 45 minutes in silence and was quite time consuming but if you work fast and accurate then you can do it easily. I was given a answer sheet where you just simply tick the answers. The questions were along the lines of For email number 7 it states blah blah blah how would you handle it by choosing one of the following boxes.

At the end of this exercise, I was called in for an interview. The questions I was asked was why accounting, why reeves, who do you look up to, what do you do in your spare time, tell me a time you faced a challenge, tell me a time you led a team, tell me a time when you went out of your way to help someone, what are your strengths and finally how do you decide which firm you want to work for.

The interview ended with an opportunity for me to ask questions and the whole interview lasted for an hour.
This marked the end at about half two so it is a relatively short AC compared to other and I was told I will hear back in 2 weeks.

I was then contacted 2 weeks later saying I was successful and that a panel interview is scheduled for March. The interview will be with 4 people and will be competency based similar to the interview described above. Additionally, you must prepare a 10 minute presentation to the panel on any existing charity.

However I have already secured a training contract elsewhere by the time I found out I was successful and so I turned them down so I cant really help you guys on the panel interview part or presentation but I hope some other good soul can add to this post if they have attended the interview just to share with others on wikijobs.

Hope this helps and feel free to fire away any questions.


I applied for Reeves and had an AC with them over a month ago and still have yet to hear from them.

I had pretty much the same AC experience as you did (different order). I’m gonna contact them to ask.

When did you have your AC with them?


Hi Lotak I had mine a few days after New Year and heard back in middle of January saying I was successful but they will contact me again with the confirmed time of the panel interview since it wasn’t finalised yet which they still haven’t yet as of the end of February…but then I withdrew my application a few days ago.


Oh right, so they don’t seem to be organised in that respect.

I’ll email them soon asking for an update; probably a rejection. We didn’t manage to build the bridge either, but I’m glad that not being able to build it was not an automatic rejection.

Thank you for your own insight.


They are not really organised. I also participated in an AC in January and so far I have not heard anything. They tell me that they need to finalise the process, and they have other AC coming up.


I emailed them and did not even get a reply from them!
I just want to hear something from them. There are a few jobs that I applied to that I have not heard back from even after 2 months. Its very frustrating.

I’d really like to work for Reeves as they seem to be an excellent firm to work with, but I won’t be able to unless they tell me the outcome of the AC.


Oh, they sent a rejection letter that I didn’t see; a month after my interview.


Who told you about the letter? Because I have not received anything. I tried to call her this morning again, but she is not available.


They sent a letter to my home address pretty much 1 month after my application, but I’ve not been at home for 2 weeks, which is why I did not see it!
It wasn’t lost in the post or anything.

That is quite odd that you’ve not heard anything though. Wish you all the best!