Rees Pollock interview ?


Hi everyone,
I have an interview for Rees Pollock next week. Anyone had an experience of an interview with the firm ? Any advice and help will be highly appreciated.
Thanks a lot !



Can I possibly ask you how this went, since I have an interview with them next week?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


May I ask you which university you study at?



I have an interview coming up with Rees Pollock in a couple of days. Just wondering what the format of the interview and maths test is?
Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:



I was just wondering if you guys have had your interviews yet and how they went? I’ve got one coming up and would really appreciate any advice!




Has anyone had a rees pollock interview? how is the numerical test and the interview? i have mine coming up soon, so any advice would be gladly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.



I posted in my application to Rees Pollock two weeks ago. I haven’t heard back. For those who have been invited for an interview, how long after posting the application did you hear back, and should I be expecting a response by phone/email/post. If you could please let me know, I would be ever so grateful.

Thank you


Could anyone comment on the math test and interview? Much appreciated


Hi, could anyone comment on the maths test or interview with Rees Pollock. Would be very helpful.



its really easy. basically gcse standard maths. just know fractions and simultaneous equations. you need 12/16 to get to the interview.


Ok thanks! Any advice for the interview?


Inrterview process is relaxed and test is like GCSE maths questions so shouldn’t be too hard.
Good luck


Does anyone know what sort of questions they ask during the interview?


Hey have you had your RP interview?


I have an interview tomorrow :s, anyone know what sort of questions they will ask?


Hi Hannah,

Is it your first interview or second? Both are quite relaxed and informal! Let me know which it is and I’ll give you the low-down!


Hi Kiavvak,

Thanks so much! It’s my first interview. Glad to hear they are relaxed. Still nervous are running high


Ok - I’ll tell you what my first interview was like. I presume yours will be similar as I only had mine a few months ago.

First there’s a maths test. I think you get 30mins, but I’d advise you take a watch – there was no clock in the room. It’s not terribly difficult, but it is non-calculator. My long division was a little rusty! Probably worth checking you’re happy doing basic percentages and currency conversions (for example) by hand. I think there were 16 questions, and I heard elsewhere that you need 12 correct to pass.

The interview was with one of their managers – I expect you’ll have the same lady, as she seemed to be doing all the first round interviews. It’s very laid back, and much more like a normal conversation than an interview. I suppose we ended up covering a lot of the competency-type things you’d get asked elsewhere, but in a much more relaxed way. There’s no need to parrot back a rehearsed answer – it’s just normal chatting! Some of the stuff we talked about:

  • What I was doing at the moment (e.g. your degree or current job or whatever)
  • Why I wanted to do accountancy
  • My hobbies
  • How I manage different commitments to make sure everything is done on time
  • What sort of firms I’d applied to (I was completely honest here and said I’d applied to lots of different sorts of places, though all for ACA training contracts)
  • What I liked about Rees Pollock/why I thought it might suit me
  • What I knew about the ACA training

I imagine there were other things but I don’t remember anything else at the moment. The interview probably lasted about half an hour.

I was super nervous beforehand as it was my first interview in almost 10 years (gah, showing my age here…), but just try to relax and enjoy it. There’s really nothing much to be worried about, and they’re very friendly.

Hope it goes well.


Rees Pollock. The worst firm I ever met.
Invited to a maths test, no conversation even no identity check, straight into the test. no clock in the room.
Managed to get 12 out 16. Then told they want 13 out 16, failed.
Next day, I called them about travel cost reimbursment, was told I should ask yesterday, they only do it in person. I said I will post them the receipt; told: ‘dont waste your postage, we wont accept it, it’s against our policy’, where are your policies? In your words.

What kind of firm is this?
Now time and money wasted!