Red Bull Graduate Programme Selection Day


Hey Guys,

Just wondering if anyone has been to a Red Bull Selection Day.

Ive got through to the selection day in Salzburg and was looking for any advice or tips.

Much appreciated!


Alright mate.

When did you hear from them and for which Business Area did you apply for?

I got an email from them on Tuesday subject “we’re still looking out for you”

"Thank you very much for your application for the Red Bull Graduate Program. We got more than 1600 applications and therefore we still need some time for the selection.

We will let you know as soon as possible about the next steps buy latest mid June 2011.

Thank you for your understanding"

Not really sure what this means tbh :s


hey guys.

I am wondering about the post of rhpa…
you already got invited to the selction day? really interesting as i got the same email as RB quoted above…

rhpa can you tell us when the selection day happens/happened?

Greets from Salzburg.

PS.: Where do you guys come from?


Hi Rhodia,

It seems it maybe just an email that all applicants got sent.

What area did you apply for?

I’m from England!


hey RB,

i also think everyone got this mail. thats why i am confused about the post of rhpa…
i applied for all areas except of IT :wink:

how do you feel about the fact that the website is offline?
it’s still available via google cache but not live

plus its already mid of june…

take care


yes - i tried to search for it a few days ago. The cached copy doesn’t even have anything for the IT section!

Where are you from?

RHPA - how did your selection go?