Recruitment agencies phoning me up


Recently I have been getting calls from recruitment agencies who tell me they have found my CV on the “online databases” and that they have found me a great job based on my CV. After a fairly informal chat with them they tell me that they will send my cv to the company and I would be hearing back from them shortly - but I never do. Why do they do this? I’m new to all of this - can anyone tell me how these agencies work? Do they decide whether you are a worthy candidate based on the phone conversation?



Hi Ollie

To be honest, a lot of recruitment consultants tend to promise a lot and then under-deliver. They will often say that you are a great fit for a role, but in reality they could be sending a lot of graduate CVs through for that position (and don’t forget other consultancies may well be sending other CVs through too).

That said, I doubt you are being screened out at the phone stage. More likely the employer ruled out your CV for a different reason. One thing I would insist on, though, is that the recruitment consultants inform you that a) they have submitted your CV and b) tell you if the company didn’t take your application further. That’s just a common courtesy really.

Ultimately my advice would be: don’t use them! Don’t forget they will take commission if you are hired, so if an employer is faced between hiring you or a similar candidate who has come through direct, they are much more likely to go for option 2.