Hi All,

I’ve very recently had my KPMG telephone interview for a 2013 grad role.

The questions below were asked

  • What was my proudest achievement?
  • Describe an instance where i have had to show my adaptability skills?
  • Describe an instance that ive had to deal with an angry customer?

Hypothetical question:

1- A client has requested and is insisting to view a report early, however KPMG protocol is to have a ‘4 eye check’ before a client views it. What is your course of actions?

2- A junior member of staff is attending a client meeting along with you and is questioning your methodology, what do you say to your colleague and the client?

Other questions
Tell me about a company that is doing badly?
In the last 2 years, what factors are affecting uk businesses?

Why KPMG and not the ‘other 3’?
what have i done to prep for KPMG?
Why the department i had applied for?

There were a few others but i’ve forgotten.

Sorry, i’ve not been very thorough, I’ve got to get back to my disso, but really wanted to share with you all so that maybe I can help someone through the process.