Received KPMG Tax offer Jan 2015 start - questions about tax school and happy to help!


Hi all

I am very happy to have received an offer for Tax January intake yesterday, after having my final interview on Monday :slight_smile:

I used this website to get a lot of tips for interviews so I am happy to help if anyone is applying at the moment! It still hasn’t sunk in! I’m just waiting to receive my formal offer so I can hand in my notice at work (eeek!)

Note I actually graduated in 2010 and have been working in finance for the last two years, I decided recently that I wanted to move into practice accounting and become chartered - so don’t think you have to be newly graduated to apply!

I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Tax Business School - from what I’ve found out it looks like there will be 12 exams, though i’m not sure if they are all sat in the 9 months. Also I wondered how much study leave we get? Will our salary change to reflect living in London for 9 months? Does school finish at 5pm every day?




Hi Kaffyla,

Thank you for your post.

I graduated in 2014 and want to apply this summer. Could you please give some advice in terms how to go through the KPMG application process while still being employed?

Thank you!!


how did u manage ur client interview?


Hi Kaffyla,

I’m currently at tax business school. You will sit the majority of your exams during the nine months and your final exam at the end of the three year training contract. You sit six exams before Christmas and six after. Study leaves varies depending on which exams your sitting, but you’ll also have a number of compulsory revision days at TBS. School finishes at 4.30pm but depending on what is being studied this may vary, for example during the tax exam phase there are weeks where you will be in until 5pm or just after, but on the whole it’s 4.30pm or just before.

I hope this helps! If anyone has any more questions about TBS feel free to message me



Hi Kaffyla,

I am thinking of applying to kpmg tax graduate scheme. Just had a few questions.

How are you finding the exams so far? Are they tough?

What is KPMG Tax business School like?

How many exams do you have to sit and are the exams spaced out over the 9 months or is it very difficult?

Any other info about the exams and the first 9 months will be appreciated.

Look forward to hearing back from you and anyone else who can help!


Hi Ad

It’s going great, the work is very diverse and everyone is lovely. My time has been structured differently- I joined in January, so I have been in the office all year, and joining business school next month. We were sort of a trial year so we have done 4 exams already, having had weekly study leave from work and solely self studying at home. So far exams have been fine (first 6 are not bad so long as you study on srudy days off!) - remaining 6 are due to be much harder though…you certainly have to put a lot of time into them to pass, a lot of people fail at least one- though I’m hoping not to!

Generally if you start in September you will sit 11 exams in 9 months- 4 in Nov, 2 in Dec, 1 in January, 3 in April and 2 in June! Then in the office until the end of your third year when you will sit a final exam.

I’d recommend going for it, they invest a lot in your training contract which will pay off. Any more questions let me know!


Hi Kaffyla! Glad you enjoying KPMG! I am just about to pass SJT test, can you please share your advice and tips?I failed the EY one so really scared :frowning: Many thanks in advance and the best of luck on your exams.