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Well after a gruelling 4 months I got my GT offer in commercial audit. Big thanks go out to all that have contributed on the forum - especially for interview question tip-offs! It’s tough going, I was rejected/screwed over countless times from many top accountancies/ firms in industry, but keep it up since failing helps you prepare for your number 1 choice firm - I got 4 out of 4 in all my GT interview questions except for one question I got 3/4 in.

I recently passed an EY Assurance 1st round interview. However, I withdrew my application when my first-choice offer came in from GT - GT is a firm with some major ambitions, so it’s a great time to think about a career with them (don’t mean to sound cheesy).

I’m happy to take any questions from fellow students and graduates - All my interview questions were the same as what has been posted already, though I will repost if needed by anyone.

*Oh and one note on the “Candidate Pool” queries: It basically means they are chocker with Assessment Days, and they basically keep going till they’ve filled the places (I believe there were 5 places at a south east office I applied to). They sounded mega busy, so I advise opening other applications in case your place is filled.



Wow congrats TonyBarc. I am still in a pool for an assessment centre. I applied online at the beginning of April and I went through all stages in less than a month but am still to get feedback on the assessment centre. How long did you wait after your telephone interview? I had my telephone interview two weeks ago.


I’ve got my assessment day lined up for next Thursday for the Financial Service Advisory position (mergers and transactions stuff). Just wondering if you could give me any tips on the day and what it entails etc. Also how many of you where there, and were you all competing for the same role or does it vary? How long after the day did you find out you had been successful?

I completely agree with your views on GT, got goals to expand and improve and you can see it in the people that work there!


@beegee: I waited two months after passing my telephone interview to confirm an assessment day - I did do the telephone interview around xmas time, however.

@samchislett: Congrats on getting to an assessment day. There were six of us there - only two or three were applying for the grad scheme. Others were school leaver and summer intern candidates. I didnt come across anyone going for financial services. Most candidates were applying for commercial audit.

The day itself starts with a tour, then a chat with trainees together with lunch in a conference room - don’t be shy; I was starving and had loads to eat which calmed me down a bit. It’s totally chilled out anyway.

After this we get an schedule of who’s being interviewed by who. Before the interview, however, we did the group case study. You explore the case study individually for about 20 or 30 mins, then three partners come into the room and you all discuss your thoughts together. You then conclude your findings/recommendations.

After the case study the interviews begin and people being interviewed go off. Some start their partner interviews (discussing the case study which you just did and answering motivation questions), and others have manager interviews which is more about your past experiences and commercial awareness. Depending on the schedule you may have to wait in the conference room for a while until it’s your turn to interview. Just relax, have a drink, talk to the other candidates, jot some notes.

All the partners, managers and recruitment staff are super friendly. No need to be nervous.


Hi Tony thanks for your detailed response! I passed my AC and recieved an offer from GT to start in September! HR are sending the contracts through as we speak! Is that everything for GT or do they (like the Big 4) do more pre employment checks? i have also recieved an offer from Deloitte today, but much prefer Grant Thornton as a company.


Congrats Sam! You will have to provide all your references (work and academic) in the pack that they send out to you. Without knowing your situation as such, my particular references are scattered around the world, and it didn’t case any issues.


Hi Tony


Can u please elaborate more on the Case study thing+Partner interview. What is the expectation from the candidate , knowledge about service lines etc? What specific knowledge one should have on the service lines?



I received an offer from Grant Thornton about 2 weeks ago. It took me a while to land myself a Graduate job offer since graduating in 2013 so i know how hard t can be. if anyone has any question feel free to message me I am always happy to help and I will try my best to reply rapidly if you do need some tips


@ R. Alright so for the case study it is not that bad trust me, this is coming from someone that was so scared before the AC but ended up getting an offer! How you prepare however is very key. To prepare, I suggest you first read the real life case studies on the Grant Thornton website because believe me when i say that they are very important!!! It helps you understand exactly what kind of services Grant Thornton can offer clients dealing different business issues. This particular area is exactly what the case study focuses on!! you will act as a GT representative and you will need to suggest to the partner what services GT can offer for the fictional company to achieve success. So is it tax? audit? corporate finance? or recovery and restructuring? you need to make a decision on these whilst also detailing why these services would be suitable.


Hi Tony Barc,

Congratulations on your offer at Grant Thornton. I am currently a student at the LSE. I have just recently passed the video interview and this Thursday I will have my first ever Assessment Centre - which I am very nervous about! I applied for Tax - Employer Solutions but I am pretty sure the AC will be similar for all areas. I would love to hear any advice/tips from you and in particular I would like to ask whether you could still remember the questions that you were asked during either/both of the interview with the Partner and Manager that you had? Especially any commercial awareness or Grant Thornton businesses? I would very much appreciate any help from you! You could reply me in this message or to

Thank you in advance and I hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,


Hi Linh,

I have just applied for GT, can you share with me your experience on video interview? Did you Skype with the interviewer?

Thanks a lot !!!
Best of luck on your assessment center.



many thanks tony for your feedback. Do GT require original copies from your academic achievements, i ask because i’ve lost my gcse grades, i only have my alevels and degree certs.
many thanks


Hi! I know this was a year ago but congrats on the offer, I hope you’re enjoying working there!
I have to complete my video interview for GT within the next couple of days and was wondering if you could remember roughly the questions they asked and any other general tips? Thanks a lot


Could you please say what type of test provider GT uses? is it Kenexa?or SHL? Thanks in advance.


Heyy! Thanks for sharing this. When you mean case study on the GT Website, where can I find this and what should I be looking out for? Also, how long did they take to get back to you on a day for the AC?


Im curious, after receiving an offer it states that it is contingent on a background check. I realized that one of the jobs that I listed has the wrong dates. I never spoke about the job because I have had big four experience and thats what we primarily talked about. Can you briefly explain to me how that background check is conducted?


do you have to put all references for all jobs?


Hi Beegee, what happened in the end? Did you get onto the next stage or did they say no?


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Does anyone have any tips on the kind of questions asked in GT digital interview for Audit?