Received an offer for an ACA training contract with a mid-tier firm... What if I accept and get a better offer?


I have received an offer for an ACA training contract (September 2015 start) with a mid-tier firm and they want me to sign the contract within the next 3 weeks. I still have some interviews coming up over the next 2 months with companies that I feel I might be better suited to. What would happen if I were to sign this contract and then receive another offer at a later date? Would it be possible to get out of the original contract, or should I simply cancel all other interviews and go with this one even though it wouldn’t be my first choice. Has anybody experienced this before, and has anybody got any advice about what I should do? Thanks in advance.


Hi there,

So it’s not ideal BUT even if you have signed the contract, they can’t and are not going to force you to work there. You can still get out of it and join another firm. The issues can occur when you actually start working at the firm and doing ACA exams. If you leave mid- contract you are liable to pay back the money they have spent on the exams/ training for you.

Hope this helps!
Good luck