Received an offer but salary is too low


I have received an offer for a trainee accountant role (ACA) in the north west however the salary I have been offered is very low - £12,000.
I know this well below the industry average and according to the ICAEW website the average starting salary for a graduate account in the north west is £18-22,000. Does anybody have any suggestions as to what do basically! It’s the job I really want but the salary is just too low, I get the impression it would be difficult negotiating and especially negotiating anywhere above £14-16k.
What would you guys do? Accept the offer and put up with it or decline and carry on applying?

Any help is much appreciated!!


That’s a really difficult situation. Is it feasible for you to live off a 12Kpa salary? eg if you have to pay rent etc?
Have you got interviews to other places yet or are you yet to apply?


Thanks for the reply. It would be just about feasible, I’d just have to keep living like a student i.e. skint lol! I do have a few other interviews coming up but the earliest one isnt until a week on Thursday. I don’t want to turn it down and risk not getting another offer but similarly I don’t want to accept it and risk losing out another, better paid job - 12k is minimum wage which feels a bit cheap for this kind of role, but I don’t know!
I have all weekend to consider it anyway!


Does this mean you have made a decision by now? If you verbally accept nothing is final until you sign the written contract, so if you haven’t yet accepted/declined you can either ask for more time, explain you have other interviews lined up first and could they hold onto your offer meanwhile or explain to them your situation?
Let us know how you get on!