Reapplying to a different department?


Although I made it to the final round assessment centre last year when I was applying for the 2009 intake, I was narrowly unsuccessful. This time round, I am considering making one of my applications to a different department (audit). I’m doing this because there are generally more places in audit so hopefully the odds are more in my favour. Plus its still early in the recruitment cycle so less competition. Can anyone share their experiences in doing this? Do interviewers take issue with it, to say that maybe it is a sign that you are not career motivated? Can it work against you?


I am doing exactly the same thing at the mo - I reached the final round for Transaction Services last year (PwC) and there was only one job going in the office I applied to - which I did not get :frowning: This time I am applying to Assurance/Audit as there are more places - and, with Transaction Services you cannot apply until October, whereas with Assurance I can submit my application in a few days and hopefully get it out of the way… In my case I am hoping that it will not work against me since I was told by the partner interviewing me that the first 2 year of TS is mainly Audit, and therefore it sounds as if it’s only in the 3rd year that you get to do anything remotely interesting!!

What did you apply to last year??


I applied to tax last year, like you I only very narrowly missed out on an offer (with PwC I passed everything including partner interview but somehow failed the diagrammatic retest…painful!!) so I am thinking audit this time round for PwC and for the same reasons i.e. April 2010 intake lets me apply now instead of waiting.
I’ll be able to justify why I am choosing audit, I just wanted to know if it is frowned upon or will work against me!


Well, hopefully for both of us it won’t be frowned upon! If I get so far as the interview stage(s) then I may something along the lines of how audit offers the best start to a career in accountancy, etc. However, I phoned up PwC the other day and they no longer have my details on the system (even though I was only rejected in Dec 2008) so they may not even realise I have applied before and not ask!

Failing the Diagrammatic test is harsh - I passed but failed the partner interview - I turned up an hour late in London because the circle line shut down during rush hour and felt really flustered and obviously did not do myself justice! I have just bought access to the tests on assessment day (look at the top right of the wikijob page for the link) it is £4.99 for access and money well spent I would say!!

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So if for instance you apply for 2010 April vacancy, how many recuitment cycles will be there? As many as required to fill, say 100, audit vacancies? or do they hold everyone up to certain time, do one assessment and just pick the top 100?


I got to the final stage at PwC Central Africa.
I am however planning to reapply next year to tax.
Does anyone know if I have to go through all stages again or will i go direct to first or second round interviews? Thanks.


you have to go through all the stages again usually


Quite tough. But i heard KPMG can fast track to final stage.


Hello, have you started applying for the 2010 April intake in PWC. I just want to ask about your progress of application coz I also apply for the 2010 April programme.