Reapplying after not being offered job


I completed an internship at an IB during summer 2009 but wasnt offered a full time position at the end of it. What would my chances be if I reapplied to the bank for a graduate role, maybe for a different division or a different desk within that division?

Any help would be much appreciated!


I’m not sure. I interned at Lloyds and it was more of a company decision whether or not to keep you rather than divisional. So if rejected, you wouldn’t be successful reapplying.

Obviously an IB is more competitive so maybe if unsuccessful in FO you could go for MO.


ah fair enough. I interned in MO and was considering reapplying to MO again, as the chances of getting into FO would be unlikely.

I do like the bank so was considering what my next step should be. i guess if you can show ways in which you’ve developed and that you’ve worked on weaknesses identified when interning then maybe they might consider?

Tough call :S


You might as well give it a go. Nothing to lose


ab987654321, I would contact HR of IB and explain your situation. I’m sure they’ll be able to shed more light on whether you should apply to them again. I think that considering you were successful in getting an internship with them, I’m sure they would still like to hear from you again. I think you have nothing to lose so go for it if you really want to work for them.