Realisitic chance of securing an Audit position in the next recruitment round.


I am a 2008 graduate from City University, London. I graduated with a 1st class with hons in Mathematics with Finance and Economics. I was a student Ambassodor at University and a member of the ladies football club. I have had no real professional experience but have held part time jobs in the leisure and retail sector, both at supervisory level. I am currently working as an International Merchandising Assistant for a well known high street firm.

With this kind of background do I have any realistic chance of trying to secure a place with a top 10 audit firm in the next recuitment round? I can’t lie and say I have always wanted to be an accountant or go into audit but I really am passionate about obtaining a professional qualification like the ACA and learning about as many industries as possible which I think Audit work will give me.

Any opinions/advice or personal experiences will be appreciated.



Yes you do have a chance. I got into a Big 4 firm with 2.1 from a v poor uni, no finance-related qualifications (past business studies GCSE! lol) or work experience. I hadn’t seriously considered accountancy basically until I got invited to interview and all my qualifications/work experience to date have clearly been geared toward a completely different career. If you can show you’re smart enough, committed to working hard in order to get the qualification and develop yourself professionally you should have no problem.

Good luck!


I agree you have a very good chance of getting a job in accounting but cast a wide net and apply to as many places as possible as their are a lot less places available these days