Reading to get a headstart with ACA


I would have thought the best reading for getting a headstart with ACA would be the ICAEW study packages themselves.

However, after graduating I still have access to my uni library and rather than fork out a lot of money on the ICAEW texts I’m hoping to use the library to help further my understanding.

Can anyone recommend any textbooks that cover the material in the various stages of the ACA?

Also any books that would improve my understanding of the accountancy profession in general would be great!


Hi there. I know a really good book which I have used. I was in pretty much your same position and knew nothing of accountancy material but after reading/studying ‘learning accountancy the novel way’ by zarir suntook I understood not only all the basic concepts well but also some much more complicated ones. I feel so much more confident now before I start college. Might be worth checking out the paper back! Good luck and let me know how it goes if you get it!


Thanks very much for your recommendation, I’ll check it out!

Any more suggestions would be appreciated!