Re-applying after unsuccessful applicaton


Is it possible to reapply to a firm if I just had an unsuccessful application? For example, if I was rejected by EY with my business stream choice being Assurance, can I apply immediately again for another business stream such as Tax in EY?


Nope. Pretty 99% sure its 12months even if you want to go for a different business stream. If you’re desperate for a 100% answer give their HR dept a call.


just rang them and they said i’ll have to wait for a year.
would they really notice though if i register with another email address since they are thousands of applications?
thanks anyways for your help


Probably not…


as in they probably won’t find out if someone reapply again?
has anyone here done this before?


I tried it with Deloitte and got caught out, the name flags up on their system


It is possible to reapply again for a graduate position if I had an unsuccessful application for a summer internship?
This is for E&Y btw.I looked for information pertaining to that on the website but cant seem
to find any. Any info would be much appreciated!


‘I tried it with Deloitte and got caught out, the name flags up on their system’


I was thinking about trying it with GT (they rejected me at application on an issue that no other firm seemed to care about - very annoying as I liked the looks of them), but probably won’t after reading this.


Lukeb, as a mater of interest what did they say? Did you just receive an email from them or did they call you up?


They sent me an email asking for clarification on why I spent 4 years at Uni and not 3. I got back to them explaining that I changed course in my first year (and went into detail as to the extensive and valid reasons why, and that I’ve never failed any exams or needed resits etc). Despite all this, they sent me an email about 4 days later rejecting me. It’s odd, as none of the other firms have made an issue of it at all.

Annoying, I was going to send a new application which just didn’t even mention my first year at Uni, but now it seems like that wouldn’t be a good idea.


I applied to Deloitte last october and got rejected at application stage. I used another email address in August (10 months later) and now have an offer from them. So perhaps try another role or location with a separate email address and see what happens


Its possible to succeed if your name is quite common and plenty of people apply frequently from the university from where you graduated etc
This way you may not be easily identified if you change your email and postal address. It would seem you are different applicant from the same university…