Re-application to PwC



I got rejected from PwC for an experienced role at PwC Belfast. Does anyone know whether I have to wait for 3 months to apply to PwC’s graduate program? Originally, I thought that PwC Belfast and PwC of the other parts of the UK are not the same entity, as they use the different application system. However, when I was going to submit my application for PwC graduate scheme in London, I was aware that I may have to wait for 3 months really. How stupid I am!

Would appreciate your answer

Thank you


Hi there,

The general rule is that you have to wait 3 months before re-applying to any UK PwC office. However, I believe this is a question that is flagged up on the application form? So it may stop your application anyway. If it is not a question on the application form, it is worth applying regardless of time. By the time you are considered for the role you may be past the window anyway!

Hope this helps. Good luck!