RCM 1st round interview


Hi guys, I have an interview with RCM coming up soon for an investment management graduate role.

I have been told to prepare for a numerical test, an interview, and a 5 minute presentation which will last a maximum of 1 and 1/2 hours in total. Can anyone share their insights or experiences with RCM? In particular, any tips regarding the questions they will ask and the presentation itself? I have checked out the useful information on this site already, thanks.


I forgot to mention that the presentation can be of any subject that i feel “passionate about”.


Hi Ricky,

I am not able to help you; however I have received the invitation myself. My interview is on the 20th October. I will let you know how it goes immediately after my interview assuming that your interview is after mine. I will send you a personal message and will leave a comment here as well. Make sure you do some research on RCM; like what RCM stands for and their revenue analysis etc.
By the way: I am going to do my presentation relating to the investment management (IM) sector. Personally I am worried about the technical and situational interview. I have been chasing the ‘Corporate Finance’ dream so have a very limited knowledge of IM. All the best.



Thanks for your response, AJ. Mine is on the same day, and I haven’t really decided on the presentation topic yet. I’m not sure what the technical and situational interviews will consist of either. However, I would guess that the technical questions will likely be related to equities, and the situational questions are like competency based. I hope some other people can share their experiences on here.

Good luck :slight_smile:


What time is your interview? Mine is at 13.30.


Ahhh earlier than yours lol. Maybe it will be me who will be posting up first :stuck_out_tongue:


That will be really great. If you could send me an email/text with the technical/situational questions that will be much appreciated.



Hey, Aj.
I have got the 1st round interview on 21st and really have no clue on preparation. I will really appreciate it if you could share some experience with us about the interview!! you could contact me by e-mail or just simply post a note here. Thank you so much and good luck on your interview. I think it will be great!!




I also have the 1st round interview with RCM next week. I saw you had yours yesterday! I did it go? I hope well!

Would you please share as much info as you can? I am particularly concerned with the technical/ competency questions!

Also, what did you present? And was the numerical test more difficult or very different from the one we alsready did online from home?

Many thanks in advance!



For the presentation on “topic you are passionate about” do you think it would be safe to talk about something completed unrelated to asset management/finance?


Hi all,

Just to let you know that RCM is employing 2-3 graduates in the UK (10 globally); and they are interviewing at least one hundred. They have been recruiting graduates for 5 years and none of their graduates have left. That means we are competing against each other here for a very attractive position.

The numerical test is exactly same as the PSL one; you may even get similar questions. Than you have the HR interview. They will mostly ask you competency questions; and few questions to check your commercial awareness. You can do the five-minutes presentation on any subject. It should be something you are passionate about; I don’t think they mind if you take more than 5 minutes. But I personally finished within 5 minutes; so I would not be able to confirm this.

I apologise but will not be able to share any more information at this moment. Thank you.



Thanks a lot AJ!

Yeah I know it sounds quite depressing they hire just 2% of their candidates or so, but at least it’s an excuse to gain experience in interview preparation!!

Just one last thing: do you remember any question aimed at checking your comercial awareness?? I honestly don’t have a clue on how to prepare for that, apart from reading ft.com…!

Thanks again!




You will be fine. If you read FT; it will be so easy; it may surprise you lol. You know its a Investment Management interview; so you should prepare some stock/investment pitches too.
Best of luck.


Thank you very much!




Anyone else get their results? I got mine today but unfortunately I didn’t get through, which is a shame because their HR and other employees seem like very nice people… apparently the feedbacks said I didn’t perform as well on the technical questions as others did. Some of the technical questions included: “How should companies instill ethical behaviour?” and “What’s wrong with self-regulation in corporate governance?”. Hope it helps others.


I got my results yesterday, luckily I made it through to the final round assessment centre. It’s going to be tough but a fun experience at the same time.

What did you do your presentation on Ricky?


Oh, god, I still have not got my result yet…cross fingers for my self. When did you guys had your interview? It seems to me that I should have heard from them… I had mine at 21st Oct.


See you at the AC Mils. I have already secured a job and going for an IBD interview on Thursday; so I’m only coming for the experience! Does anyone know the compensation package? Just want to make sure its worth it :slight_smile:


congrats on securing a job! Is it at a bulge bracket firm? not sure what the rcm package is, but I think it will be competitive.

Do you know how long the fund manager interview/pitch is?


I know there are three stocks/companies; they will forward more information soon.
I am moving onto BBs now; currently I have Corporate Finance offer from one of the big fours, one finance offer from 86% government owned bank! lol.
This thursday attending an IBD AC and hoping to attend few more after this one.