RBS Wealth Management 2014 Grad Programme


Hi all,

I completed the online tests and had my telephone interview for the Coutts grad scheme last week. I passed the tel interview, and have been told my application is under consideration. Does anybody know how long it will take to receive an assessment centre invitation?





Well done on passing the interview. I’ve got one tomorrow, can you give me any advice or tell me what questions you got asked?

As for your question, I have a friend who is starting the grad programme next month and last year the first AC’s began in November, so I guess you’ll have to wait till then.


It was mostly just competency based, I think you have to relate it to your specific programme. Are you applying for wealth management?


I’ve applied to risk. The email I received said there will only be two competency questions. Did you have more?


It said it would be two, but there are branch questions that they add on as you go through the interview. Stuff like explain when you worked well in a team etc, then give examples.


What were the main ones if you don’t mind me asking?


I remember one being about a time when I overcame a tough non-academic task myself, and the other was about a time when I had to help somebody out with a task they were finding difficult; then there was a question asking about a time when I had to show integrity.


Thanks for the help man, hope you do well in the AC


Thanks man, how was the tel interview?


It wasn’t bad, they only asked 2 competency questions with some sub questions


anyone applying to M&IB Operations? Did you get invited to numerical/logical test directly after completing situational jusgement test? I did my situational judgement test several days ago but hear nothing after that


I’m applying for wealth, I got the numerical and logical test pretty much straight after.


Thanks EconGrad92. Then I think maybe it’s because my situational judgement test result doesn’t reach their benchmark that I didn’t get the numerical and logical tests right after:(
may I ask whether you have any tips can share for passing the situational judgement test? in most questions, for those options which are not appropriate, I’m not sure they are ‘inappropriate’ or ‘very inappropriate’…


I was the same, so I mostly just put them as inappropriate, and then put them as very inappropriate if it was obvious.


Anyone know where i can get more infor about the Finance Grad Scheme ?
I looked on the graduate website but it doesn’t really go into detail in terms of what I could be doing!

Worried that I won’t have much to say when it comes to the interview.

Any help will be appreciated


Hi, if you don’t mind me asking, how was the other question they asked, the non-competency based one? Did you talk much about RBS and your association with its brands etc? Thank you, your help is much appreciated.