RBS Wealth Management 2012



I was noticed a lack of information about the RBS Coutts/Adam and Company Wealth Management programme for 2012.

Was just wondering who else has been invited invited to the open day next week? Do people know what to expect from it?

Also wanted to know whether people had received potential dates for the AC? I know the HR man I spoke to was saying sometime in Feb but I’ve yet to have anything confirmed.




I received an e-mail in December saying I had met the minimum requirements and they would get back to me soon. Did you also receive this e-mail if so how long after did they send you an invite to the AC?



Did you have a telephone interview?


Hi Ldycrew,

I will be attending the open afternoon on Tuesday too! They’ve given so little information though on what to expect, but it’s probably like an informative afternoon where you will have the opportunity to meet some members of the recruitment team too.

@nr_rules: I had my telephone interview somewhere in December, and a couple of days later I received an email that I had met the requirements, and more info would follow. The email with the invite for the assessment centre and open day came in January 2012.


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Hi Guys

I was also invited to the open day and assessment day but unfortunately could not attend the open day. Have they confirmed the date for the wealth management ac yet? All I have heard is that it is in Feb!!



Attending the assessment centre on the 9th! In the preparation mode now.


Has anyone heard back from the recent ACs/know of anyone who has received an offer? They said they would get back to us by today at the latest but I haven’t personally heard anything.


No, I haven’t heard anything either.


I haven’t heard anything either.


I haven’t heard anything either.


Hey guys!

I am going to have tel interview next week for wealth management summer internship at RBS.

please give me some tips how to prepare for it.

and what can i except during the assessment centre?

do we need to complete a numerical test? will there be a lot of technical questions?

Good luck to everyone!



I was wondering if any of you who have attended the rbs wealth management open afternoon and assesment day could share your experience on what it was like and what activities took place?

I’d really appreciate the advice. Thank u


Please can somebody share their experience of the Open Day and Assessment Centre? Even just to say what the Open Day consists of as there has been no information at all about it. Do we need to do any work for it? Or is it purely a meet and greet kind of afternoon?
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you