RBS Wealth Coutts / Adam & Company Assessment Centre 2013



I am very interested if anyone had an assessment with RBS Wealth?

I would be very interested to know how was it like?

Many thanks :slight_smile:


Hey, there doesn’t seem to be much information out there. Did u go to the open day?


Still hoping for an invitation for an assessment centre in London. Have you guys already been invited?


Hi, yes I went to the open day and I was invited to the assessment centre. Just trying to find out more information about it - did not receive anything so far. How about you?


Hi Mur_mur2013,

Yeah i went to the open day. I applied to adam and co, what was your preference? I have been invited to the assessment centre but have no given date yet. I think its a situational interview, group exercise, Numerical ABLE test and a presentation. Not too sure though.


I went to the proper assessment process for Coutts. Was successful but this doesn’t mean I certainly get a place at the assessment centre. They said they would consider the best candidates from the pool… I have been to a workshop in London and they said assessment centres should take place in Feb


Has anyone been given their assessment centre date yet?


Anybody got the job?
Starrdust, did you go to the A/C? there was one last wednesday and one on Thursday


i just sent you a pm :slight_smile: … its the coutts AC similar to the Adam & Company AC?


Hi Folks,

I thought I would share my experience with everybody over here… Had my A/C with Coutts last Wednesday. There are 4 exercises during the day

-ABLE test
-Role play

-The group exercise is no different than any other group exercise, so nothing in particular to explain
-the Able test - they give you information how a certain variable is derived (say cashflow risk) and you have to solve a question by looking at the instructions. I had not done such kind of a test before, neither could I find an example online. Just don’t worry, you don’t have to have any technical knowledge to be successful. Make sure you don’t panic and follow the instructions. A good deal of concentration is needed and don’t worry about not completing the test - you won’t have time for this. Make sure what you do is correct.

-The role play - they give you a very short brief about a potential client of yours that you are going to meet and you have 10 mins to prepare a plan for your meeting. When the ‘client’ arrives you have to talk to them. I assume you need a good deal of business acumen (Private banking) to be able to conduct a useful meeting (for both your client and your book of clients). It really is about understanding what private banking is about as well as about showing what your interpersonal skills are.

  • the interview - guys, you cannot prepare for that. They ask you 3 conditional questions and they want to hear your opinion on the issues and how you would approach such a situation. Each question contains sub questions (i.e. what challenges can you face while implementing your solution) so you are supposed to talk extensively on each issue. They just want to hear what kind of person you are.

I have not heard back from them yet which I think is a bad sign… C’est la vie…

Good luck!


Thanks - that was really helpful! Good Luck :slight_smile:

Did you have any competency questions in the interview? like describe a time when you have shown leadership?


Hi all,

Please I have a telephone interv with Coutts and Co for Senior Client Service Officer… I cant find anything on line. Please does any have an idea what to expect