RBS UK Retail 2012


Hi! Ive just been offered a place on the RBS UK Retail Scheme starting in September. Anybody else been offered? Would be great to get to know a few people before going to Edinburgh for the training! PM me if you want?


Could you please tell me the salary for this scheme??


Hi Keenan1490

I have also been offered a place on the scheme starting in September. Get in touch it would be good to get to know a fellow graduate!



Hello! Congratulation on getting the job! x


Hi there, I have also been offered a place! Were any of you at the AC in Edinburgh 14.02?


Congrats!! No mine was in January :slight_smile: Exciting to start soon, just have to finish uni now!! x


Hi Lucy_m

Yes I had an assessment centre ib 14/02 in Edinburgh, I must have met you there! Congratulations :slight_smile: x


Congrats to all those who got it - lawgrad2009, keenan1490 and lucy. Can any one of you give a brief account of the rounds you had? and probably some tips on what to focus on?


Hi Kinectic

The assessment centre is pretty much exactly what they tell you to expect in the information pack sent by e-mail. There’s a group exercise in which you are all given a different proposal to put forward to the group. The aim is obviously to try and get yours accepted but only if it is going to be beneficial based on all the information they provide you with.

There is then a situational interview which gives you a few scenarios you might come across in the work place and they ask you how you would deal with them. The situation they give is quite detailed and usually followed by a competency based question which looks for you to draw on your experience. For this part just know about the programme and how your skills and experience meet the qualities they are looking for. Make sure you also know why you want to join RBS and your future career goals.

The final part was a role play type exercise. You have to interview a member of your team in relation to a pile of information they give you. Just think about how you would deal with difficult employees in a work place.

That’s really all there is to it. The assessors were really nice and quite relaxed so it wasn’t too intimidating. Good luck for yours!


Hi i was just wondering after the personality questionnaire did you get invited to do a numerical or logical reasoning test straight away? and can anyone please give me a brief overview of the telephone interview as well thank you for your explanation of the assessment center that was really helpful.


Hi Tamriko
congratulations and goodluck was just wondering what online tests you had to do and how long it took for you to hear back. Please come back and shed some light on the telephone interview as well it will be very much appreciated.



I was hoping someone who has attended the assessment centre for RBS UK Retail could possibly help me please. What type of proposals have people had in the past as part of they group discussion? Also, how long does the situational interview last please?

Many thanks for your help


Congratulations to all those with offers. Just a quick question will the UK retail role be based in Edinbrough or can you chose like Lomdon and outside London??



Congrats for all those with offers !!!

Could anyone please elaborate on group discussion round for UK retail that you had in your A/C… Were you divided into groups of 3 - 4 members and then asked to put your proposal forward … it would be great if you could just shed some light on this



hey guys, I’ve got final round for rbs uk retail next week and I was wondering if the people with offers can help with tips. what exactly was the situation test about and in terms of the group exercise, how many people were in a group and how detailed are the proposals


Same here, Rosario, I have been reading through the fora and have found some very vital information though. I hope it helps in preparing me for the day. It will also be appreciated if those with recent offers could help too.


has anyone got any offers from RBS into UK Retail programme yet ? from what I know there were two assessment centres held this week so there should be some positions offered to few grads … Please share the info on How long it takes for them to get back to us if we clear the A/C usually ?


Anyone attending AC in London 8th May?


Hi everybody, congratulations to all offered a place. I attended on 17th April and was offered and have accepted a place for UK Retail starting in September.

Would be great to chat to anyone offered a place! Good luck to all still attending!


Hiya! Congrats to you too! A few of us have joined a Facebook group called RBS Graduates 2012. If you search you should be able to find us. You can chat to a few people on the same programme here. Let me know if you have any issues
See you in September!