RBS Telephone interview


Hi guys,

Has anyone had a telephone interview from RBS before? If so what were you asked?



Hi nr_rules… what have you applied for and where? Just out of curiosity.


Hi, nr_rules, I have applied to RBS operation 2013 Grad Programme as well and have scheduled the tele interview for tomorrow. If you have already had the tele interview could you please tell me a bit more about the competency question?

I checked other threads they all had 1. passion 2. challenge. It seems this year is different.


This year may be different as there has been a fair amount of restructuring. Fortunately I don’t have to do the telephone interview though


@joanna368: How long ago did you apply to RBS? What was the process? I’ve just sat their Situational Test today. Was wondering how long they take to get back.

@jahuss65: Howcome you don’t have to give a telephone intv?



The process depends on what position you are applying for. I’ve applied to trading and for that it’s tests then an assessment centre. Have a look on the website, there’s a table with all the positions available and the process for each of them


RBS is really efficient. I applied last weekend, recieved invitation for logical test Monday, I finished logical Tuesday and got tele invitation Wed.

What did you mean by Situational Test? I don’t think I have done that

BTW, I applied for operation 2013, UK


Hi sorry guys just saw the replies

My interview consisted of exactly what was stated in the email.

There was only 1 competency question which was very straight forward.

I have passed the tele stage but this does not guarantee AC!


Also, I only had a numerical test. No logical or situational.


Thanks for this, even though I just had my tele interview.

I was told the same thing that passing tele interview does not guarantee AC-they will select the strongest candidates considering all factors to the first AC

Just want to contribute a little bit for those who were seeking tele interview hints like me

Tele interview comprises three sections as stated in the email, the first section and third section were exactly the same as email, I think the only thing that might be different is in the competency question

the competency question I got asked is:
tell me a time when you lead a team

then followed by:

  1. what challenges did you face
  2. what did you do to overcome them
  3. what qualities do you think you need to overcome difficulties

I think it’s same for all divisions in that you are not guaranteed a position at a AC, I’ve got the same email.



I’ve also applied for the trading role at RBS (grad scheme not internship).

I just got an email 3 or 4 weeks ago saying we would like to invite you for a face to face assessment BUT places are not guaranteed.

I’ve sent them several messages but they keep saying that I should wait since they cannot give me a date :confused:

Have you or any else had any luck/contact with RBS?


hi successking, I applied for capital markets and got the same email as you. So still waiting to hear back. Will keep you updated as soon as i have any news.


Has anyone who applied for Hk heard back yet? I was told that they will come back to me within six weeks… and its been almost four weeks now. No response yet


hey chronk, where have u applied for? All these delays, hope it’s not a bad sign…


Im for london


Thx… I applied ages ago for London also, no phone invite, nothing but the test and wait. I was told I have to wait and see. Perhaps this is bad news… I guess we can only wait, but I’m not sure what will happen now.


Hi guys, it’s my first time posting but thought I’d add something as there’s not much detailed info on the telephone interview for the 2013 RBS grad scheme.

Had my interview today- it went fine, lasted just over 30 minutes, guy was lovely and really put me at ease - a lot more personable than others I’ve had who border on robotic.

The questions were:

Why RBS?
Tell me what you know about the program.
Why corporate banking?
What will your work experience bring to corporate banking?
How does it fit into your career goals (5 years)?
What factors are affecting RBS?

Tell me about a time worked in a team to achieve a group goal (Not a university project).
What problems did you face?
What did you do to motivate them?
What did you learn?

On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being always standing up for what you believe and 10 doing something you didn’t want to do because you were told to, where do you place yourself?
Justify this by telling me a time you had to use your integrity.
I think he had more questions on this one but he said I’d covered them all with my example.

Any questions you have?

He said I’d find out in 1-2 working days, which is pretty quick comparably; however he did say passing the interview doesn’t guarantee an AC, so I’m guessing you go in a pool.

Some unorthodox questions there which caught me out a bit, so thought I’d give you a heads up - Good luck!


Just want to thank EconoMiss for her post. Had my telephone interview recently in the corporate stream and exactly those questions came up. The non-academic one is ridiculous, slightly unfair to narrow down what you’ve spent most of the last 3 years doing!


Hey guys what did you answer for that? for me it was phrased as in regards to completing a project with 1 being sticking by your principles and 10 being willing to change…where would you place yourself.

What would you guys answer?