Rbs telephone interview


Hello! i just had my telephone interview with rbs…it was a little harder than i was expecting haha. but i thought i’d add to the question on their wikijob profile. cos i didn’t get any of them .

  • Tell me about a time when you had to help someone in something they knew nothing about
    -tell me about a time you had to plan a project
    -tell me about a time you had to solve a problem immediately
    -tell me about a time when you had to inform a lot of people

or something along those lines!


thanks for your post noob!

my phone interview is monday.

How was the interviewer?

Were the questions purely of fit and competency types?

How did the interview proceed?

hope we’ll both make it through. Keep me posted!


the interviewer was nice! although, half the time she couldn’t keep up with what i was saying, and i had to repeat myself. although, i found it hard to remember what i said 2 seconds ago haha. so you might wanna jot some words down while you’re talking. there was 5 mins of why rbs, why the division, bla bla. then the competencies. and she says at the end of each- are you happy with your answer or do you wanna add more, which at first i took as a hint that they wanted more, but i don’t think that was the case. they just want to make sure you’ve said what you wanted to. what division did you apply for btw?


yup i’m sure she just wanted to make sure you haven’t left out anything :slight_smile:

am applying to global markets. you?


Cheers n00b and summers,

How did the interviews go? If you need some help, I may be able to share with you some of the questions they asked.

The interview went smoothly and I am now going to the AC. I applied for Ulster Bank - Corporate Markets. n00b?



Cheers guys,
I am from Paris and i’ve just applied to RBS as well for the global markets.
The online application was a nightmare with all these questions in english. ahahaahah
and i also had to translate my french degree into the uk degree. (For example: BSc = La License). Awful!!!
Anyway, Let us know how things r going 4 u…
Summers keep us posted with the detail of your phone interview.

PS: Did u go through the tests?? (Numerical / Verbal tests???)

Well done sergio!!


damon - how did you find out how to convert your french degree to english? Why do you want to work in UK - or are you also applying for France?!



Hiya Redsuperted,
It wasn’t that easy to convert french degree to english as we don’t have those grades “first class” or “Upper 2nd”, we don’t either have BSc, MSc or A-Level. ahahahahhah
It’s a good experience anyway.
I’m applying in the UK for some personal reasons… but i am also applying in France of course.
But i have to say that French banks don’t have such opportunities for graduates, so even if you apply in france it will be for US companies.
Cheers mate!


Damon, Redsuperted and others,

It was a pain-in-the-butt to think about the grades and degree in terms of UK & Ireland standards. However, after I gave them all the details and grade scales, it was pretty straight-forward.

If you’re successful at this stage, you’ll do a two online tests: competency-based and numerical.

The first one has no time-limit and well, has no right answer either. You simply have to choose whether you prefer to work in a team or be a leader, things like that.

The numerical test (at least mine) consisted on answering 21 questions in 21 minutes. You cannot skip nor go backwards. I didn’t think it was that difficult even though I failed to finish the very last question. At the beginning of this test, you can practice a sample exam. Again, nothing out of this world: something like predicting next year’s sales after knowing this year’s sales and knowing that they increased X%; Those kind of associations.

Cheers all!


How/where did you out how to convert the grades to English grades - is there a site you can link to for advice on this?!..



There are websites that convert indeed. The several British council websites ( http://www.britishcouncil.org/ ) can help you with that, but the thing is I did not convert my grades to English grades. I think I saw somewhere that they convert themselves!

Anyway, just send them your grades explaining the scale (1-20, 1-10…) and I think that will be OK!


Hi kesh,
Where did u practice for the numerical tests? i’ve seen there is one on wiki but i was wondering if u did more practical tests or not.
Did u apply to any other bank?
i guess u r italian but did u do all ur education over there?
c u



I am Portuguese and did my education over here - minus one semester as an Erasmus student in the Netherlands. I applied to a lot more places, but RBS was the one that replied quicker and in a positive way.

I did not practiced for the numerical test, because I am used to GMAT numerical exercises…the ones at RBS were easier. I guess if you practice the ones from GMAT, you won’t have any problems. Just be sure to have calculator, scrap paper around you if you are to do those tests!


Thanks 4 the advice.
Which book of the Gmat r u talking about? Do u have any exact title?
I though u did hav a phone interview with Ulster Bank only? I wasn’t aware u had one with RBS as well.
At the moment, i’ve just applied online to a few of them. The next step will be to pass the numerical tests, so i need to practice a bit before taking the real one. I’ll do them within the week.
Good Luck with your AC with Ulster bank. I am having one with Capgemini in 3 weeks.


Hi guys,

I applied for the Group Manufacturing Leadership Scheme (operations/back office) for RBS, and got through the online tests just fine. I was actually surprised at how similar the tests were for HSBC and RBS were, I would say that they were about 75% identical as the tests are all done by a company called SHL. You can access practice ones for free by signing up on their website, but they are much easier than the actual ones.

The questions are mainly on percentage increases and decreases etc, but they are worded in quite a complicated way i.e.

If the total revenue for year B is to be £X, what is the sales revenue for year A when tax is worth half of what salaries are worth in year B…or something to that effect.

Unfortunately I’ve just been rejected after the telephone interview (which I thought went exceptionally well), but RBS aren’t giving any feedback! Do you guys think maybe to do with their troubles over the weekend?


Hi mais2,
i am just about to take the test with both. (HSBC and RBS)
i’ll let u know as soon as i’ve finished.
I’ve heard about SHL but the test in their website is easy than the real one.
I’ve been rejected after phone interview with Capital One and it seems that no one are giving feedback.
Because of the current market’s situation, investment banks don’t have that much job offers for graduates, they don’t hire and competition is going to be fierce. I have some french friends who had some offers for September 2008 and had been told that they have to take a gap year because there is nothing available. May be that’s why you’ve been rejected even if the phone interview was fine.

Good luck and keep me posted.



i didnt pass the telephne interview! i was shocked! :frowning:


What was your telephone interview with Capital One like Damon?


Hi Redsuperted,
i thought i did well, but unfortunately i hav been told that i wasn’t been invited to the AC.
Some questions about the current situation in finance, how it could affect their company.
Some questions about a specific technology that could be useful for them.
Describe the different part of their business.
Clarifying the role.
But they were looking only for 10 graduates and they received a lot of applications. They don’t give feedback.


Is the credit crisis as bad in France? Are banks in France slowing down their graduate recruitment too?