RBS Super Centre, Urgent Help


Hi so ive got a super centre on the 31st and i am completely unprepared. I dont know what to do?

I was wondering if anyone could share what the tests were like but more inportantly the competency interview. I.e. what Qs they asked you.

Would I be expected to know things such as payoff profiles of options etc and all similar things


Do u apply to risk??i also get the super day on 31st.is that 12:00? i think we will be together keep in touch!


i applied to finance and yes my interview is at 12

do you know anything about the test day? any info would help

i know we are doing 2 tests and a comptenecy interview

do you know what type of Qs they ill ask?


one of the most important thing that people forget is to practice what questions to as the interviewers