RBS starting date


For those of you have got the offer from RBS and have graduated from school already, will you choose to start in April or Sept? I want to travel around the world in my gap year and also take the CFA level II in June, so I prefer the September one.
But I’m just concerned that if things go wrong (with RBS or with the UK financial industry) again, it might be safer to secure the job as early as possible? I know they can fire you even after you get on aboard, but it’s much easier to terminate the contract with ppl who havent started yet.

What do you guys think?


They’re unlikely going to get rid of graduates first. They need them as future leaders. They reduce their intake this year anyway, and I’ll think you’ll find that if try do hav problems they’ll just reduce their intake next year rather than revoking offers. I wouldn’t be worried at all.

What position have you secured an offer for?

Lil. x


Well, that’s the hope. Last year’s crisis definitely told me extreme cases do happen sometimes…
I’m in GBM Origination London. How about u? And are u starting in Sept?