RBS Situational Interview!


Hi guys,

I have an a/c with RBS next week for the corporate markets section…

Was wondering if anyone has any advice for the ssiuational interview? And maybe what sort of questions people were asked?

Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks


Hi, crystal
I’ve got a AC on 18th Mar. I also want to know something about the situational interview and individual meeting. Can you share some experience with me?


I apply for Risk, in Edinburgh. How about you? Do you know anything about the situational interview? Is your AC in the morning?


does anyone know what is asked at the interview for RBS for the easter insight programme for Corporate and Institutional Banking.



Anyone having RBS A/C on 7 feb 2012 ., I am having it for the Retail banking sector.
let me know plz as I am very nervous. any help would be appreciated