RBS Security/Risk Programme


Dear all…

Has anyone applied for the above programme? Does anyone know where the role is based as the website says UK-Wide. Does this mean there are many locations in the UK or there is a lot of travel in the UK?



Has anyone who attended the assessment day in Edinburgh, last Thurs (10 Feb) had any feedback?


Im going for the assessment centre in Edinburgh next Thurs (24 Feb). Could you walk me through the process? Any tips?


I am going to the assessment center in London on 18th Mar, can anyone share some information with me? I want to know some detailed information about individual meeting, is it a case study plus presentation?


I am going to the assessment center in London on 18th Mar, can anyone share some information with me? I want to know some detailed information about individual meeting, is it a case study plus presentation?



Can anyone tell me if there is a numerical test for Security and Risk programme?
Also, if you have been through AC or interview, or if you have any tips on completing the application form, your feedback would be much appreciated.



Hi, I have applied for the security and risk programme and have been selected to go to the assessment centre on the 6th December.

Has anyone been to a previous assessment centre for this programme and know what to expect.



Hi Manvir,

how did your AC go? I applied for Security & Risk too and have mine next week…so any recommendations are very much appreciated!!! I hope you got a job in the end!



Hi Pop123,

I’m afraid I can’t help much because my AC got rescheduled for 17th Jan in Edinburgh!
I have tried to look online in other forums but no one has said much on security and risk. Hopefully we will be ok. We might be attending the same AC if yours is next week aswell.

Good luck


Hi Manvir,

yes, that’s right…I guess we’ll see each other in Edinbugh then, I am mine on the 17th as well :wink:

Looking forward to meet you there!


When will you be arriving to Edinburgh assuming your from London, I have a hotel booked at Novotel Edinburgh Park? also how are you preparing for this? the only thing I can think of is just being ready for the interview, the rest I think is just group work, presentations, problem solving?..

Do you have a contact number by any chance, it might come in handy?


Yes, me too, my flight gets in around 7pm.
I am reading BBC News, FT etc to get updated on business issues and I am reviewing RBS’ key financial data and their organisational structure from their website. Regarding the interview I am using mostly the material I already prepared for the telephone interview and extended that a bit.
Are you also arriving from London? At what time? Maybe we can share a taxi to the hotel then?


Yes im coming in from London, I land in Edinburgh for about 5:30pm on Monday, so will probably get a taxi before you. Are you staying at the same hotel (novotel)?. If you are we could arrange to get a taxi from the hotel to Gogarburn for the next day.
Im reading the BBC news aswell and from their website etc. I hope we don’t have to do another numerical test, it was pretty challenging! (the online test). But I think It depends on what programme your going for i.e if it we were going for investment banking then a numerical would probably be a must.

Is there a way we can send a message privately so we could exchange contact info or something.


Hi guys,

When did you have your telephone interviews? I had mine end of December and am still waiting for them to let me know the AC date. Also, how long did you wait for RBS to come back to you with the date?



Hi Fred my phone interview was in November they got back to me pretty quickly, couple of days. But dnt read anything in that, they can take two weeks. You can also message them if you have to

I was told even if you pass the phone interview they have to choose from a selection of other people who have passed. Hope it goes well for you!



Thanks for this. Hopefully I’ll make it to AC.

In the meantime I wish you all the best on the 17th.



fred i had by telephone interview in September and only just got invited to AC last week…keep your hopes up!


hi Pop 123 & Manvir,

I read your post, so your AC is tomorrow? Best luck to both of you.
I have mine the day after tomorrow in London, I am wondering if it is possible that you can share some of your experience and tips tomorrow evening. It would be great!

hope it goes well!


Hi Nikki,

Thanks a lot. I see now there is no rule how long it takes to get the AC date.

Has anyone been to AC yet? Any feedback, tips, warnings? Did you have to do numerical test again?

Thank you all!


I had A/C on Tuesday 17th, the actual interview itself was a lot more laid back than i expected and no there is no numerical test at A/C