RBS Sales Analyst vs BB Sales Analyst


Hey guys,

Is there a huge difference in base + bonus for RBS GBM Sales Analyst vs JPM/GS/MS Sales Analyst?

BBs are offering 45k base + 5 sign on.

Can RBS match that?


A friend told me for GBM tech the package is 5K lower than you’ve mentioned this year so GBM trading should match the bb’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if RBS is even higher. Often the more prestigious the bank the lower the graduate base salary as grads buy into the exposure, brand and bonus potential at the big boys. Hence, the likes of RBS and Nomura generally offer slightly better packages at the start.


RBS are currently the top payers for grad recruitment - offering £45k basic £7k sign on, and guaranteed £10k bonus. I know this as my house mate has been offered it.

They have to pay a premium as they’re not the best, Morgan Stanley is offering £42k basic - I’d rather work at MS than RBS, everyday of the week.


Do you guys know how much they pay for the GBM technology grad programme?


Does anyone know the Grad Salary for RBS Risk?


How about RBS retail leadership this year? Isn`t retail banking supposed to pay less than the investment division?


retail banking ALWAYS gets paid less than Investment Division.


Yes, of course, but the question is what is the difference. Is it 5k or 15, or more…


Anyone know the starting salary for RBS Finance?


Any idea on the starting salary for Sales Analyst position in Markets and IB for a Singapore position?