RBS Risk 2012 internship/ graduate applications


Hey guys,

Has anyone applied for either of these positions and heard anything back? I had a telephone interview for the internship in September but still havent heard anything.


Hi, how did ur interview go? I was wondering if u could help me out with some questions to prepare for as I have a telephone interview later this week… Also if u haven’t heard anything, I think it’s a good thing, it mainly depends when they have arranged assessment days, there may be a possibility that haven’t held assessment day for ur position yet and may be just sorting through the telephone interview stage firs, thats what ive heard about rbst. Good luck tho and thanks in advance if ur able to help me with some info for the interview!


hi citychick, i have a RBS interview aswell, in my email it states the first part will consist of just asking how well you think you fit in with the department and why youve chosen that area (GTS for me). its about career motivation.
The second part will consist of an achievement your proud of and a topic you feel passionate about.

thats all the info i was given. would be a great help if anyone could come back and let me know how there interview went, i have mine mid November

gd luck :smiley: