RBS Retail Leadership Assessment Centre


Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anybody has had a date yet for a retail leadership assessment centre with RBS? I had my telephone interview on Wednesday 23rd Feb and was told at the end of the call that I had been successful, just a waiting game now to see if I get a place at an assessment centre

Good luck everyone

Rob :slight_smile:


hi rob
i just completed my psychometric test yesterday for retail. how long did they take to inform u that u were successful and have got thru to the interview? also what kind of questions did they ask u in the interview. thanks in advance!
and all the best to u.
angel :slight_smile:


@rob, if you were told you were successful then surely you are through to the ac? Why would you not go through? Good Luck!


@rob thanks alot for ur reply! ok, so well i guess il wait a bit more, cuz i still havent got any email after the psychometric test so wondering if u got it the next day so… hmm… anyway all the best with ur application, will get back to u once i find out the outcome! thanks


@rob well i did the behavioural one, didnt have any link/ or any numerical test after that one. Yea i guess ur right, probably theyre busy right now. keeping my fingers crossed :slight_smile: U too good luck, and once again thanks!

Angel :slight_smile:


well they invited me to take the numerical test. hoping it will go ok, gotta brush up a bit on my math!

Angel :slight_smile:


Please can anyone tell me what happens at the AC?


@jobless grad - have you had an invite to an AC?

I believe that there will be a group exercise, interview, case study exercise - with possible presentation or role play discussion with a senior manager


Dear all,

any guidance on the type of questions asked at the interview?

Also, what would be the starting salary for this graduate scheme?

Many thanks


have you had your Ac yet?


Still waiting to get a date, how about yourself?


still waiting. Rob10 no news yet


Has anyone been to an assessment centre for RBS Retail programme this year who can shed some light on your experience. I would love to hear from you.

many thanks


Has anyone heard anything regarding the AC for the retail grad programme for RBS?


I had my AC for retail last week, just waiting for the outcome now, hopefully will find out today or tomorrow


hey ROb10 can u please tell me what it was like? any details will be appreciated thanks


Hi guys,

I have AC for Business Retail on Thurs. Any tips? I’m worried about the ABLE FInancial Test.


Congrats. Best of luck. is the business retail different from the retail leadership programme?


Its the same thing. Well I think so anyway, have you done it?