RBS Retail Leadership Assessment Centre


Hi there

I was wondering if anyone if anyone has been invited for the assessment centre on the 26th of March for retail leadership program ? Also anyone who has got an offer for retail leadership discuss in DETAIL about ABLE and Fast track? How do I prepare for these tests?I know fast track has something to do with cards and dealing with missing information(deducing information from rest of the cards) but could anyone gv examples of these if you remember?

Was the competency interview similar to telephone interview or was it also based on CV and latest financial news?How many people take your interview?How long does it last?

What was the individual role play based on? How much time do you get to prepare?How long is the task for?What is the situation in which you would be involved( could you please gv specific example?) The actors who come in to play the role, are they from within the team or enacted by someone from RBS?

What was the topic for Group Discussion?

What was the schedule for the day? Was it tiring? Were you given your expenses for travel?Am i supposed to take anything with me(calculator, CV? etc)

I guess Ive put up quite a few questions there :D.Wikijobs has got me this far so really, any help would be appreciated.


Hi, how did it go? I have got exactly the same on 30th March.

I was wondering if you could give me some more info on the day and answer some of the questions which you asked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


I actually shifted mine on the 30th as well…i.e tm…:s at 123 houndsditch!


I have an AC coming up for this too. Any updates on how the day went for you?


I’ve just got the phone call from them saying I got an accessment centre for the same programme on 16th Apr. I’m struggled with Fast Track and Able test too… can you give me some advise if you’ve already done your ac pls? many thanks x


In the fast track test, you are basically given around 6 set of cards. Each set contains around 7-20 cards. The last 2-3 cards will have some missing information and you have to deduce that information from the remaining cards. You are given a time span of 35 minutes and will have one example before the actual test but there is no way you can prepare for this test beforehand.

In ABLE test(aka financial appraisal test) you basically have to work with numerical information and then reach to decisions of accept, reject, review, recommend more or recommend less. We had around 45 minutes to do this. Dont try to complete all questions for you wont be able to do so. Instead try to work accurately and quickly. Try working without a calculator for you wont be given one in this, so practice mental maths.

From personal experience, I found ABLE to be very easy compared to fast track. I have no clue what I did in fast track. Just went over my head!!!But then again, this varies from person to person.

Hope this helps



yeah also I would say be yourself and just chill out, the group exercise was standard. And I found the compentancy based interview to be a bit more of an informal chat. With 5/6 Questions lasting around an hour. I was bricking myself before this ac but found everyone there really nice and opening. So just relax and be yourselfs.

Princeton girl, we were at the same AC?? You heard anything back from them yet, they did say 2weeks but just wondering if you have had a call either way.

Good luck with your AC guys, any other questions will try and answer them best I can


Thanks so much for the advise. As I was trying to google on fast track n able test but don’t actually see any examples at all. How many people were there in ur A/C?
by the way… does the competency question similar to those they ask in the telephone interview? and basically all i need to prepare is the competency questions? wt kind of questions did u guys get for role play?
thanks again x


There were around people. They said that the competition was not against each other but they will take you if you reach a certain benchmark. And I really don’t know whether that’s true.

I don’t think you would have any examples of ABLE as it is kind of difficult to explain.

In case of Fast Track there were cards on GMT times, books in library, travel points and well, I cant remember the rest. I am pasting this example I saw somewhere when I was preparing for my AC.

“One set was about ‘clubcard’ points people received for buying various flights.
One card would say:
Name: Janice. From: London To: Rome Class: Economy Type: Single Points: 60
Name: Tom From: Paris To: Beijing Class: First Type: Return Points: 1600
There are certain patterns you have to pick up on and 3 or 4 cards will have the Points (or any) section blank which you have to fill in:-
Name: Ben From: Berlin To: Rome Class: Business Type: Return Points: ?”

The role play was quite easy actually. Only there was a lot of information to read before hand in the form of emails, articles and information on the fictional bank you are working for. I managed to SKIM read and was wondering if I had missed out on any important information. You are given 20 minutes to read within which you also have to write What you are going to discuss in the meeting, What do you want to achieve at the end of the meeting and how are you going to go about it. The situation is basically about you and your colleague working together on a project and the colleague is missing meetings and not pulling his weight and this demotivates you etc etc. Remember to keep the names in mind since it can get confusing whose who esp wen the names are mentioned in the actual role play.

The interview was one to one and 90% similar to tel interview. I only had one question that was diff which was tell me about a time when you took a decision and received criticism for it.

hey jonwa, were you at houndsditch on 30th? I havent heard anything from them yet and really doubting my chances:(


just to correct first line, there were around 9 people, i think!


Hey yeah princeton girl I was there, and like you doubting my chances because haven’t heard anything back!! Maybe with Easter weekend and also this new assessment centre coming up might have slowed the process down a little bit. But I don’t really know as was discussed they have reopened the application process about 5 times and in my experience no news is usually good news. Who are you lol if you don’t mind me asking because there were only 9 of us. I’m Jon if you can even remember back to last week, my minds just a big blur. Fingers crossed for you


Thanks very much princeton girl. it’s very useful. at least i got a clue about it. How lucky you guys are having A/C in london… I gonna have mine in Edinburgh i think… that’s way too far for me… n I gotta stay in hotel for a night … nightmare… but hope u guys can get the job :slight_smile: x


Hey Guys,
I was also at the AC on March 30th. I got a call today to say I got a place!!
Did you hear back?


Thanks guys for the helpful stuff above. Best of luck with everything!


Noo nothing back yet caroline. Well done on getting in thou!! Must be well chuffed :slight_smile: ill let you know when I hear, but not sounding good!


Hey Caroline, congratulations!Must be such a relief for you to get that job! I havent heard anything so far but as Jon said, it doesnt sound good. Seems like they’ve already made up their mind!

And Jon, I really cant recall which one were you.I’m pretty bad with names :s


Does anyone know how much is the salary offered in this scheme?


oh i’m curious as well :slight_smile: but then i think the salary should be lowest among all those schemes :slight_smile:


Hey, I was just wondering still…any news? Nothing from my end and its 2weeks tomorrow, so if I don’t hear anything then was going to give them a call. But just wondering if it was still no news for you?? Isn’t looking that good atm, but another forum did say it takes quite a few days for job offers to come through and not to be worried if you don’t hear straight away. But still I think it’s not looking that good, I’m more unless expecting its going to be a NO but still a small chance could be a yes.

Anyway it’s all experience. Hope you are well


No news so far:s but I don’t think I’m gng to make it… They surely wd want to recruit asap if they wanted to so really no news is not good news:p

What number are you gng to call on btw? I atleast deserve a feedback if not anything else!