RBS Relationship Management Support Aprenticeship 2015. 1-2-1 Assessment Face to face interview


Hi everyone,

I recently applied for an apprenticeship with RBS for relationship management support - corporate/commercial (2015 intake). I passed all of the online tests and the telephone interview, and then went on to the 1-2-1 assessment centre/face-to-face interview, when I was trying to prep for the face to face interview I couldn’t find anything for school leavers only for grads, so thought I’d let you all know about the process.

The assessment centre is split into three parts, firstly a competency based interview very similar to your telephone interview… Nothing to worry about as the people were really lovely and try their best to turn it into a flowing conversation rather than a stop-start question and answer. The questions asked were quite typical - Why RBS? Why this job? Tell me about a time where you’ve had to stand up for what is right? Tell me about a time where you’ve helped someone else to succeed? Tell me about your greatest achievement? Can you tell me a time where you’ve dealt with a difficult customer? What is the importance of customer service? Plenty more but to be honest you tend to answer the other questions at the same time as answering the initial question, as long as your answers are in depth.

Next was a role playing exercise, you were given a brief of the aims and objectives and background information and were given 15 minutes to prepare alone. The exercise I was given involved a customer who was complaining about a phone contract (you were a trainee employee of a phone company) as they had been given the wrong tarriff… The brief included facts and figures regarding different networks and different tarriffs, and various promotions/good-will gestures you can offer. Bear in mind that the interviewers kept very straight faced in this one, but be confident and stay professional but most importantly try and build a relationship with the customer and ensure they are happy at the end.

Finally, you were given various sheets of paper, each with a different customer profile indicating age/budget/lifestyle/status and different mobile phone applications indicating price/phone system/rating/description and you had to match the applications to the customers based on the information you had been given. You were then asked to explain your decision both for and against and say why you had or had not picked this. Afterwards, you were given a separate customer profile and asked to create your own application based on this extra customer. Opportunity for questions is given at the end. I was told this would last around 3 hours altogether and for our group I’d say it lasted 2 and a half hours.

The only tips I can give is be yourself and try and build a rapport with the interviewers, the rest will follow. I am still waiting on a decision as to whether I’ve been successful but I will update you all when I know! Good luck everyone. X


Thank you this is so much help!! When doing the role play and the last task, do you have to feedback infront of the whole group, or just the interviewers?


Just the interviewers - you write it down on a feedback sheet that they give you. You’re given 5 mins to complete it. Everything is done 1-2-1 with different assessors, it’s just that multiple people are being interviewed at the same time x


Oh right, thank you! x


Good luck!!


Thanks for this, just wondering how many people you are interview by at the time 1 or 2? Also with the role play is it one of the interviewers playing the customer that answers you back and are they hard to reason with?