RBS psychometric test


I have received an email that I was invitated to do the psychometric test of RBS. I have never done this before, can anyone kindly tell me how to prepare it? Does it contain any numerical test as well? Thank you very much!


hi meetu…i have done the psychomtric with rbs and its just some behavioural questions…no numerical or verbal in it…hope this helps



how did the psychometric test go? can u give me an example of what the questions are like?
i have an email to do it too.



its nothing you can prepare for, just gives you loads of statements, and asks u whether u strongly agree, agree, disagree etc…
An example statement would be sumin like “I am the type of person who enjoys the pressure of meeting deadlines.”


@ el_marachi - i completely agree with babagafucci.


thanks akoo & babagafucci, i did the test today. How long does it usually take before u hear back from them?..and has anyone heard back from them yet?


I got an email back on the 23rd saying:

After reviewing your CV and your responses to our online assessment, we are pleased to inform you that you have met our requirements at the first assessed stage.

We have received a large number of very high quality applications, which we are reviewing before finalising whom we wish to invite to the next stage. We remain interested in your application, and will contact you in due course to confirm how we wish to proceed.

Most probably means theyre doing the reviewing process in the new year.


I completely agree with babafagucci in this one as well. Only difference is I got the same email in 9 Dec.


I was inviated to do the numerical test now! :slight_smile: what about you guys? Has anyone done it already? Does RBS use SHL? Do you know any website provide the similar test which I can do some practice? Thanks!


I did the numerical test yesterday, how long does it normally take to get the result?


@ meet-u

was the numerical test for RBS GBM Markets Internship?


no it is private banking.


Do you have to do a verbal after the numerical?


How was the numerical test meet-u? Was it hard?


hi guys

ive dun the nemerical is not to bad.

How long after test did every one hear from RBS?




Hi all,

I did the numerical test at the beginning of Dec and didn’t hear back until the start of January. I had practically written the whole thing off by then!

Also, I didn’t think I did very well during the numerical test do it’s worth bearing in mind that they really do take your whole application into consideration before making a decision.



Hi guys,
Was the numerical test timed? Do you remember how many questions was on it?
Thank you and good luck to everybody.


Hi guys,
Was the numerical test timed? Do you remember how many questions was on it?
Thank you and good luck to everybody.


HI guys,

I got a mail stating that i have to do the psychometric test …i need to know is the first stage of the psychometric test is reasoning…once it is completed …will it immediately moves to verbal and arithmetic…or i will get a bit time for that…



Hey guys,

I have done the abstract reasoning test after successfully passing numerical and later my application status changed to “Application referral to alternate business area”. Actually, I applied to Global Banking and Markets.

Does it mean that they want my application to be considered with different role? or Is it a polite way of rejecting my application?