RBS OFFERS for 2011 Start!


Hey everyone,

I just thought I would start up this thread so all the new intake can start chatting and help each other out…especially this Pre-employment screen!

So, I’ll start - I have been offered a place on the Business Services Leadership Scheme - my contract has been sent etc so now just waiting for PES to start.



Congrats, When did you have your telephone interview and AC, ive passed the Telephone interview however im still waiting for a reply


@rbsjobber - i just finished my psychometric test yesterday, for RBS retail, how long do they usually take to tell if u made it thru to the interview stage?


@rbsjobber - i have an assessment centre for the RBS BSL programme coming up and was wondering if you had any good tips or advice?!
wish u the best of luck in the new job!


HI guys

congrats on getting a place.

I have been invited for a telephone interview for the business services leadership scheme - could you provid any help or tips on what to prepare for?

Was it competency based - e.g. provide an example when you demonstrated effective communication skills? etc

If any of you could reply and help that would be great.

Thank you loads ( 1st telephone interview in a very long so slightly nervous)


Hi everyone sorry for the slow reply!

Okay ill go through everyones comments:

I went through the application process from October until December - RBS were quick at getting in touch with me throughout most stages.

Tips - prepare for the ‘classic questions’ - so times when you displayed leadership etc

AC tips - revise your mental maths for the ABLE test is my biggest advice and keep calm and just enjoy the day…its intimidating at first (i was scared!) but the assessors are really nice and the quicker you ease in the better you will perform!

Good Luck!


Does the phone interview include competency based questions as ive been told it doesnt and they review the questions from your application and then move onto the passion and personal achievement if you succeed?



I have the AC for Business Retail on Thurs and I am worried about the ABLE test, you said mental maths… What is the format and layout of it all? Do you need any finance knowledge?

Thank you!


Hey as anyone else got an RBS Internship in London this Summer?!


Hi guys,

I had a telephone interview today. The interview was in two parts the first part about motivation for applying and how that fits into my aspirations.

These were the questions they asked:

  1. What do you know about the division you have applied for?
  2. Why did you apply for this division ?/ RBS?
  3. What do you know about RBS?
  4. Where do you see youself in the future?

The second part of the interview was to talk about my proudest acheivement, and then sometyhing that I am passionate about. I was told about this before, an had to prepare for these questions in advance. I think they were trying to get to know us as individuals in this part.

There were no competency questions, and the guy interviewing me mentioned that this year they had changed the recruitment process from last year. I’m not sure whether this means they’ve changed it since jan 11 or if they mean for the recruitment year.

Good Luck!


Hey…! What role did you apply for?



Heya, congrats on your offer! I’ve got one too (BSL 2011), so I thought I’d take this thread back to its original purpose…

Have you started completing any of the PES yet?


Anybody else have an offer for 2011?


Hey guys,

Got and offer for Technology Services Grad Scheme.

I’ve also started on the PES, what a pain!




@ rbsjobber and zain

Are you going up to Edinburgh for a familiarisation event on June 6th?




Sweet! I’m looking forward to it…will be cool to find out a bit more about it all. Have your heard where you’re based yet?


I’m heading upto Edinburgh for this too, Looking forward to it!

I’m on the Retail scheme

Is anybody else arriving at the hotel on the 5th?


I am R10, just because a 7am flight didn’t appeal to me! I’m on the Business Services Leadership scheme.