RBS numerical test


Dear all,

I got a mail from RBS saying that ‘I have been invited for the numerical test’? Can anybody please tell me what the test is like ? As in how many questions? how much time? Also is it standard SHL stuff more difficult?? I am in dilemma!


Hey mehakvasal,

I have been invited to give the numerical test for RBS. It is SHL. Its been a while since your post so wanted to ask you what is the test like and its difficulty? Would the shl practice test be enough to get through the RBS test? did you complete in time and progress further. how much did you score? Kindly help me out I am nervous.



I have the same situation as you. After being told that the deadline was flexible, I received a 3 day deadline to complete the numerical test. That was a couple of days ago and I completed the test.

No word yet. Have you heard back yet mate? Which area are you applying to?


Hey Michalwloch28,

I have to give the numerical test as soon as possible but am really nervous.
Can you let me know how difficult the test was? would shl practice test on shls website be enough practice for me? how many questions were you able to complete ? I have applied to business services leadership program. Which program have you applied to? The numerical test are the same across all programs I guess. Help me out mate.



the same situation here…Initially no deadline then i get a three day deadline …Although I did the test in the given time I haven’t heard back from them yet. I am beginning to get worried :frowning: I have applied to the group communications programme.

Lets hope we hear from them pretty soon! fingers crossed!!


The paper was okay…do some practice…standard SHL stuff only…best of luck



I ahve just done the numerical test, my application is still under consideration.

anyone heard back anything yet?


@ Flow…no not a thing , the page still says under consideration…I think i havent made it!


@mehakvasal- thanks for the update… i have the same feeling:S


@Mehakvasal, flow…don’t get disappointed guys!

Go to the message center and tell them that you were waiting for the outcome of the numerical test and the progress for your application. They will reply to you in a day or two…don’t delay or else they will fill up the vacancy and tell you that they have filled up their vacancy and unfortunately could not progress with your application.

Just send your message across and wait for the reply…thats the best you guys can do now or else try calling them up and ask them.


@ shaha…how do i contact through the message centre ??? on which no do i call…please help


thanxxxxxxxx A ton Shaha


Hello! I completed my numerical test around the 23rd of December and the application is still under consideration. Messaged them two days back and prompt came the reply - “under consideration”.!
Little nervous now!

Anyone else heard back yet?


first i get a mail saying that i have passed the numerical test and the business is confirming some dates and now i get this

Thank you again for your application to The Royal Bank of Scotland graduate programme.

We appreciate that you have been waiting to hear further news about the progress of your application, so we are writing to update you.

Owing to the large number of high quality applications that we have received, we regret that we are still unable to confirm how we will be proceeding with your application. However, we are happy to confirm our continued interest in your application and it still remains under consideration. We will contact you as soon as possible to let you know if we will be proceeding with your application.

We would like to thank you for your understanding so far, and apologise for the delay.

What is this supposed to mean??


I have just completed a online numerical test which was quite diffcult. Is Anyone else applying for the RBS accleration program ?