RBS Markets Graduate Assessment Centre 2014




All the Assessment Centres seem to vary massively depending on what stream you are applying for. I have not been successful in finding out much about the Markets Assessment Centre and was wondering whether anybody could please help.

The PDF says there will be a Trading Simulation, an Individual Meeting and Interviews.

What is a Trading Simulation exercise? What should I expect from the Individual Meeting - is it a Role Play or a Presentation or what? And finally, what were the interviews like?

Any help would be massively appreciated - I have been trawling this forum but have been unable to find Markets specific information.

Thanks again!


Which area in markets did you apply for? And what was your timescale for completing the logical and then being invited to the AC?


I applied for Sales for 2014. I cannot remember the exact date I applied but it was right at the start of when applications opened. I received the email saying I had passed the tests and would be considered for the next round on September the 10th. Last Friday (October 25th) I got invited to the Assessment Centre (which is taking place tomorrow). So it took over a month and a half to find out - I really wouldn’t worry, it is still relatively early in the process so if you have already done the tests you are in good stead


Definitely not looking forward to doing that stressful Logical test again!


Ah okay - i got an email the day after my logical saying ‘we will be benchmarking your result against other candidates so you may not hear for a while’ it didn’t say anything about passing/failing - now i’m more confused! I only applied a week ago and did the test Monday but found the email a bit strange. Thought I’d done okay in the logical because the last 2 questions had 18 options rather than 14 but maybe you were meant to have 4+ questions on that level!


I think people receive emails worded like yours too- if it was a fail you would have gotten a fail email. I think they’re just saying that now they are going to look at your whole application and decide - and that may take a few weeks. And the logical is supposed to get harder the better you do so I’m sure you scored high! I actually got an email with my percentile scores soon after the tests so perhaps you will too. But yeah, I wouldn’t worry, if you had failed you would have received an automated email


just got that email - 50th percentile! Really not happy! I did the same test for citi and got 90th! Probably won’t be going through - but best of luck with your ac!


Hey, how was your AC Yellow123?


Does anyone know if we have to redo the numerical or logical reasoning tests at the AC for Markets? :slight_smile: Would be great if someone knows the answer!


anyone heard what the final interview after AC is about? the hr didn’t tell us anything


Does anybody have an assessment centre for the HR graduate scheme? I had one booked in for the 14th January, but it got cancelled. They said the AC would be rearranged but I haven’t heard anything so far!


No comment.


Anyone went to the AC like to share some experience?
Is there similar test to take? presentations? what’s the structured interview like?