RBS M&IB Technology 2013


@PhuongNhuFiona I remember someone posted recently about the diagrammatic test, its from SHL but tbh I am freaking out, I really need a job, fed up being unemployed after graduation lol, I applied to the graduate program yeah, it seemed you applied for the M&IB Operation, no worries i hope i do well and will keep evryone posted regarding the AC


Hi Guys i am having AC for the M&IG technology on the 23rd of October but already had a job offer
does anybody have an idea what will the salary be


That’s great! Is that another Bank? By the way are you applying for Singapore Region? How were you informed of the AC, by e mail or message centre or telephone?


Hey Guys did anyone attend the AC on the 23rd a


I did, got my offer this afternoon for M&IB Technology


Waow, congrats, rd9! Which office did you apply to?


Hi kops96,
Yes, I applied for Grad scheme Ops. Agree with you on desperately wanting to get on a grad programme :slight_smile:
Have you had your AC yet? Did you apply for Tech.? If you have done the AC, could you please let me know about the Group Discussion, Written exercise & Situational interview pls. In as much detail as you can. Many many many thankssss :slight_smile:


Hey GUYS! Just got an e mail from RBS asking me to confirm my location ( iam from Singapore) for the ACs in NOV or December. and they want it by today end. What the mail clearly says is that they just want the confirmation of the location for AC and it does not guarantee me a walk through to the AC and they will let me know a week before the AC dates. Really keeping me on my hooks. Other banks statuses- UBS “Application Complete”- Barcap"Tests results Received and App under Consideration" Goldman" Application Received" . Anybody from Singapore region has any updates on these banks? Info needed please


@edfee! Congratulation on getting over the ordeal! Which region did u apply to! is it got a graduate position. Thanks and job well done.


@nlr3196 … Hey I got a telephone interview coming up for Technology 2013. I know its going to include competency questions. Could you please advise me exactly what type of questions will come up (i.e. teamwork, motivation etc) …this will be most useful. Thanks.


@edfee … Hey, I got a telephone interview for Technology 2013. Any advice on what type of competency questions they will ask??