RBS M&IB Technology 2013


anyone applying this year ???


@ roy. i have a separate post in this site under 2013-singapore banking- anyways. I am from singapore applied for Sales- under RBS - M and IB> Finished all the online tests on 21st Sep. Message centre says " Online tests completed- application under consideration" . What will b the next stage - Telephonic interview or what? If they take long - does it mean i have not done well in those test? Any help please


Hey people,
same here… only finished those tests even earlier, telephone iview should be next, but maybe they want more candidates so they can compare them… so it will depend on how other people do.


Agreed. Are u also from Singapore? Somewhere in this forum i could find folks writing that they get calls or emails for telephonic interview within 4 days or a week. Also I am getting no so good comments on RBS’s state of health.


@nlr3169, hey, yeah i supposed after your logical test you should have your phone interview, i just had my phone interview 2 days ago, still waiting for the answer from RBS, hope it turn to be a good one.


I have applied for a position in London, for banking, but I think the process is similar. Well, it is still relatively early… sort of. If you haven’t been rejected yet, it’s good news I think. We can only wait and hope. From what I’ve read, they take weeks in some cases(even months), and days in others. It is still September, so don’t worry too much :slight_smile:


@fiksi.Thanks fiksi. Let us wait and watch. Have you applied to any other Banks?


Yes, haven’t heard back much, though… I guess I soon will, good or bad. Regarding how RBS is doing, grad hiring last year was a total disaster(a big understatement even)-but that goes for most of the banks. RBS is transforming well though, so lets hope we get our chance. I really want to go to an AC.


@fiksi, hey, which programme did you apply, have you done the phone interview already ??


I have gone for banking. Nothing since the test, but I was told that it could take a while to hear back… I do know different programmes have different timelines and that RBS has ACs even in January and later.


@KOPS96 and fiksi. Got an email invitation today for booking Tele interview slots. Though i have my exams from Oct 3rd onwards had to book oct2nd 10 A.M.Singapore time for telephone interview, as that was the only slot available. Urgent help needed on what to expect for Sales Analyst position in M and IB? Thanks in advance.


I have not applied for Singapore, so I have no idea on this. I think London process might take a bit longer…I think all the interviews are standard-perhaps same, competency type. I don’t think it is anything technical. You should be fine :slight_smile:


I need some help now, I been invited to an assessment centre for M&IB Tech, i need some help here, anyone heard anything, thanks


Did my teleinterview for Rbs on 2nd oct for nearly 50 mins . was pretty fine and straight. Within a hour got an email telling that “my application is under consideration” and they will let me in due course if i will progress to AC or not as the application deadline is till oct end .
Got a reject e mail from Deutsche bank citing Tough competition as the reason for reject.
@kops96. How was your AC? You got the call pretty fast though.


@nlr3169, I know securing a job these days is hard, I havent been to the AC of RBS yet it will be in few weeks times


Were u sent an email intimating your progression to AC or you got a phone call from HR? just out of curiosity to know the procedure they follow.


@nlr3169, hey sorry for late rep, i got an email after nearly a week and they ask me to call them on the number given on my mail to book an AC, how about you, what stage are you at now.

Anybody knows more about the diagrammatic test at RBS for Tech please help


@KOPS96. I asked them during the teleinterview as to when i can expect a feedback on my Telephone interview and he said that for Singapore positions the deadline for applications itself is Oct end, feed back ist week November and if selected to AC it will be 3rd week Nov. So long wait ahead. But got an e mail soon after with in 30 mins telling that they will review my performance against all others and let me know if i progress to the next stage, but they are happy to tell me that they are still considering my application. I hope it means as on that date i have passed the interview but that has to be weighed against others who will be interviewed later and comparative results will be sent in due course.
I have a telephonic interview with Shell for a Technical Role on Oct 12 and 3 p.m. Hope i do well.


i see, good luck then and if i do well then i will let you know


Hi kops96,
Sorry can’t help on the diagrammatic test. I thought only numerical (not shl or similar but rather weird one) or is it different for Tech programme. Are you applying for Grad role or Intern/Placement?
Goodluck & pls keep us posted on AC. Thanks.

Does anyone know about AC for Grad programme in Operations? The format, hints & tips. Please share. Thanks a million xx