RBS Interview Anyone??


ohh :-(!..i much prefer verbal or numeric than all this abstract thinking. let’s see…


hey abi_ibd
when did u received the test? I applied the same program 10 days before, and so far no news…
my frd in hk got tests immediately after submission…


i got it a few weeks after applying… but doesn’t matter… got rejected yesterday…


To abi_ibd,

thx anyway, sure u can find a better one =]


Hi Guys,

Does any one know how long it takes to hear from RBS after Phone interview stage? I am asking this because I finished my phone interview about 10 days back and the only communication that I have is -

"Thank you for making the time available to participate in the telephone interview for The Royal Bank of Scotland Group graduate development programme.

After reviewing your responses, we are pleased to inform you that we remain interested in your application.

At this time, we are unable to confirm whether we will be progressing your application to the next stage. However, we will be in contact with you as soon as possible to confirm how we wish to proceed.

In the meantime, many thanks for your interest in The Royal Bank of Scotland Group".

Did any body hear from them after getting a similar message??


I had my telephone interview last week and got the same response. I was thinking about it for a while coz they said that will give me a response within 72 hours and from the response i am assuming that its a nicer way to saying no :frowning:
Or am i being extremely negative??
Howas ur interview?? Mines was so so therfore am not overtly confident!!


Hi guys:

I applied for the GBM banking programme for asia too. Got invited to do the abstract reasoning test. abi_ibd said it is much harder than SHL one. Any suggestions for practice sources?


Hi Ibo1 ,
My interview was kinda Ok. So dunno what to make out of the response. Though I do remember the interviewer saying that there is still time for ACs for OPs ( he mentioned end of november). So i assume guys applying to markets and banking will hear first as their ACs might be held earlier. OPs and others might hear a bit later.
So I guess only thing we can do is to wait and watch.


Anyone got an invite for numerical test after the abstract reasoning test? Or is the abstract reasoning test the only online test to be taken?


I got the exact same message, I’ve applied to GBM Ops in Singapore. I don’t really know what to make of it. Seems like they are stalling. Any update on your application yet? Because I only got that message a couple of days ago


Can anyone who’s done an interview PLS PLS tell me what RBS mean by:

  • We want to hear about a subject that you feel passionate about???

Are they asking for sporting/ activities interests…or do they mean something thats happening in the financial/ business world? Very confusing question i must say…

Got an interview in a few days so a response soon will be appreciated…


Hello everyone,

as I will soon have to attend RBS Ability Center I have several questions regarding the ABLE Financial Appraisel Test. I have not fully understood yet what kind of test it is? Is it a financial test? Will I need to use financial knowledge, e.g. multiples, ratios? Is there really no way to prepare?

I am extremely thankful for any reply.



Dee_boy & Vici: can I ask what division did you guys apply? Thx


Hey redcup,

I applied for GBM Banking. Can you help me?



Hi, can I ask when did u receive the email to attend AC?


I’ll ask my friend who had interview with them last year and will let you know if got anything. BTW when is your AC?


I’ll ask my friend who had interview with them last year and will let you know if got anything. BTW when is your AC?


Hi Redcup…I applied to RBS Chief Operating Office…


Hey guys, approximately how long did they take to get back to you after the absract reasoning test? took mine over 1 week ago, and still haven’t heard of anything back…I applied for APAC Sales.


Hi All,

I have applied for GBM Ops, and this is my first telephone interview ever, I was wondering if anyone would be so king anough as to advise me on any hints and advice for the telephone interview. Any information however small or big would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance! Best Regards