RBS Interview Anyone??


I applied for RBS GBM Banking graduate scheme. Has anyone got an interview with RBS atm? I got this email from them this morning
Dear YuChang Bryan,

"Thank you again for your application to The Royal Bank of Scotland graduate programme.

We appreciate that you have been waiting to hear further news about the progress of your application, so we are writing to update you.

Owing to the large number of high quality applications that we have received, we regret that we are still unable to confirm how we want to proceed with your application. However, we are happy to confirm our continued interest in your application and it still remains under consideration. We will contact you as soon as possible to let you know if we will be proceeding with your application.

We would like to thank you for your understanding so far, and apologise for the delay."
Anyone has it? what does it mean??


what’s the status of your application?


“You have completed the online exercises and your application is under consideration”


ok thx! i had that too before it changed to “application referral to alternate business area”!
but i did not received any email from them since i took the abstract reasoning!
fingers crossed!


I applied for the Asia regional banking GBM graduate program… I’ve had no reply from them…not even an invite for a test…


Which department are you applying?




I was applying for RBS structuring last year. received the same email three months after I submitted the application form. However, they rejected me at the end. I think you’d better ask HR ppl.

BTW, I am invited to ability center for RBS next week. Any tips are more than welcome.


Not to be arrogant, but does RBS really have the luxury to be really picky about whom it chooses? Given another option, I would assume most people wouldnt think twice about ditching RBS…


I am not arrogant at all :frowning: Yeah. Given another option, ppl will consider other bank. But… the base salary and benifit from RBS are not worse than other competitors. LOL


@ jobinbank
You received the same email before? I hope I dont hear from them after three month with a rejection (sorry about that). Best to write them an email now :frowning:


Hi, I’ve applied the RBS GBM graduate program in Operations
and I’ve been invited to do a logic reasoning test last week, and I’ve got a telephone interview tomorrow.
The logic reasoning test is similar to the one of UBS, although some of them are new and tougher.

Any one have any hints for telephone interview?

thanks and good luck, everyone.


which country did u apply to?



Just applied to GBM - Baking in London.

Will update if i hear back from them any.


For RBS GBM Operation telephone interview, they want us to speak about a topic that we are passionate about!! Is this supposed to be about finance or do you lot think I can chat about anything like sports or something?

@ivyzhou: hope your interview went well


ivyzhou: how was the interview?


I am applying RBS Global Banking programme… Is it too late?


Hi there, I will have a telephone interview with RBS GBM Operations next week??? Does anyone have ideas on what questions they will ask in tel interview??? Thank you very much.

Good luck to you all!

To Zachtan2003, do your best on application form and submit it asap! U will be alright! Best wishes!


Hi ivyzhou,
how does the RBS abstract reasoning test look like? is it SHL type? diagrams, figures etc…
I have to do it in the next few days…and wondered if u can share any info


the abstract reasoning test is basically like the SHL logical test… only difference is its a lot harder…