RBS Insurance - What To Wear


Hi all. I’ve gone through all the rbs online interview, telephone interview, formal face to face interview, etc… got the job and have my start date. It is obviously telephone based in the office.

Now; what to wear? I interviewed in a suit obviously. I am 21, male. Slim, 5ft10, martial artist build. Need advice on what is best. Dress code purely says smart business. My previous job as a fabricator saw me in a boiler suit all day unless meeting customers which I’d then wear a suit.

Would suit dress trousers be ok with nice shirt and matching suit jacket? I tend to wear a crewneck undershirt most of the time this would complement the colour of shirt. I don’t think a tie would be necessary. I only really look good in black or charcoal suits which go with black shoes.

Help please :expressionless:


Anyone? Please??!