RBS Insurance telephone interview


Did anyone have telephone interview with RBS Insurance? What questions will be asked? Any questions apart from motivation and competency? Thanks for sharing~~~


Hi Mayday,
I have one this week aswel, for the project management team…have been looking on the forums and cant seem to see anything related to the PM side of things!!!

When is your interview?


I have one coming up next week. If I remember the slots are of 30 mins. So, I am expecting three obvious questions

Why RBS?

What do you know about the role?

Why the role?


Teamwork related questions (Almost certain)

Leadership (highly probable)

Planning , deadline and all that (Could be asked)

If any one had already been interviewed, please help all us.

Clearly1987 and mayday, could please let me know how your interview was.

thanks a lot.


Hi pringle_party thanks for your advice!!

What and where is your telephone interview for?? Mine is PM in Glasgow…really nervous about it, I know the recruitment is meant to be tough with RBS…

Mine is on Thursday, when is yours?


Hi… I’m applying for stratergy in Leeds! How long were you guys waiting for an invite to the telephone interview after completing the online tests? Have any of you gone through the process yet and can give a bit of advice? Any unexpected questions? Thanks!


about a week in between each test/interview!


Hi guys.
Could someone please tell me how many online tests have you done for Project Management as well as if they were difficult.
Thank you.


I did two online tests for PM;
The first was numerical and the second was inductive reasoning (which comes next in this sequence type of thing)…
The numerical one was harder than the inductive reasoning, but neither of them were very difficult!
Good luck


Hi Cleary
Thank you very much for the swift reply. It is much appreciated. I am about to do my tests and shall let you know about the result.


My interview is next thursday. If any one had already been through this stage, please can you let us all know how it went.

Thanks a lot.


Hello pringle_party,
I have an interview coming up as well. Could you please let us know how your interview went and what sort of questions an interviewer asked you.
All the best!


Sure Muza, I will, but it would only be after next thursday.


I have my interview in a few hours… I’ll let you know what they ask and how it went!!



Hi Stelios,

I have my interview tomorrow is it possible for you to give me advice on what they asked.

Thanks in advance


Hey People,

I completed my tests on Tuesday, 19th April, and got this message today at 6.11 pm :

" Thank you once again for applying to the Royal Bank of Scotland Insurance Internship Programme.

We will be in touch next week with more information about your application.

Have a lovely break.

Kind regards,

Recruitment Team"

I didn’t get it, does this message mean I passed the tests or what? How it was your in case? Please, look forward to your replies guys, Thanks



I had my interview this thursday, and I haven’t yet received that email! It may be to do with the fact that its a bank holiday weekend. To the question above, I wouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet, that email could mean anything.

To those who asked what kind of questions the telephone interview will have, its basically standard and has motivational questiopns and competency questions. If you are clued up on rbs insurance n what they do etc, as well as knowing much about ur role, then you should be fine.


What did they tell you after the interview? I was told they would be back in touch in 2 weeks as hwvent booked assessment centers yet…


Hi guys,

I was invited for telephone interview, which is on 3 May.

Could you please give some more details on how was the interview?
What questions were asked?

I do see the post of shush97, but if you guys could tell a bit more, it would be really helpful!
Thanks a lot, would appreciate it.



after the interview they told me the same thing - they would get in touch with me in 2 weeks, and that the assessment centre would be taking place in July. Hopefully they will get in touch with me next week!

For the interview, the questions were structured, first lot of questions were motivational so to do with how much u know about RBS and the role, so my advice would be to research alot on what rbs insurance do, their future plans, and the actual role you applied for.

next set of questions were competency based, asking u to give detailed examples of what you did etc… e.g. where u demonstrated leadership, influence, and how did you achieve a goal etc.

keep it structured, use the STAR approach, and you should be fine!