RBS Graduate Intake 2015



I’ve been told to sit a logical test for RBS what are the best ways to prepare. I’ve applied for Trading Analyst 2015


Hi, Has anybody heard back for the assessment center for trading analyst from RBS yet?


When was you assessment centre? I have been told I have got through to the face-to-face interview almost a month ago for Sales analyst but have not heard from them since.


Same here, I passed the telephone interview for RBS Wealth but still havent heard a reply for a place at the assessment centre.


Actually i was talking about the face to face interview as well. Its been almost 45 days… nobody got back to me yet…I applied for trading analyst position. Don’t really know how long will these people take to start the process.


How long did it take for them to get back to your after your telephone interview? I applied for Wealth too


I did not have a telephone interview (I do not know why), I recieved an email yesterday notifying that they have already had assessment centres for Markets and that my application is still being considered


I still haven’t received a reply from them after notifying me I had passed the telephone interview end of October.


Hi, I also passed through the phone interview round for Capital Markets recently but have not received any email about the assessment center. Anybody has any update on when will they run more AC, especially for CM? Thanks a lot.



I have my telephone interview for commercial and private banking next week. In your interview did they ask you about RBS or Coutts? Or rather, which one did you refer to through out the interview.


please anyone know what the process is like for capital markets. I got a mail for the situational judgement test. What test im i gonna need to write after this. thanks



I have my telephone interview for Wealth this week, I think they wait until all telephone interviews are over before saying about places in the assessment centre! The app didn’t shut too long ago so think it will be a bit more of a wait!

Good Luck



I have got my interview this week, how was yours? I am also wondering whether to refer to RBS or Coutts, which did they in the end?



heyaa! mine was rearranged to this saturday so i’m still preparing. good luck!


I did my telephone interview a good few weeks back, 13/10 I think, and just got an email Tuesday about an assessment centre on Friday! So don’t worry if you haven’t heard anything just yet! (:


Hi CbSwindelly,

Congratulations on getting to the assessment centre! I also have one on wednesday. It will be really helpful if you could share your experiences once you’re finished with yours. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Please how long did it take after situational judgment test to get an invite for logical reasoning test? It’s been almost a week I wrote mine and I haven’t heard anything


@Dupe: Just calm down, the time it takes will vary quite a lot among different people. You just have to wait till there is a solid answer from them.

@SaAhm and CbSwindelly: Congrats on making it to the AC. May I ask which streams are you applying to?


Thanks! Risk Management in support and control functions. Best of luck with your application!


Thank you, I’ve applied to the risk graduate scheme!