RBS Graduate 2019



Hey guys,

I just found out that I cleared RBS’s video interview. I applied for the Graduate program in Customer solutions - commercial banking. Has anyone heard back from them regarding an assessment centre or next stages of the process?

Please do let me know! And lets all get in touch :slight_smile:


Hey @hs4 when did you complete your interview? did mine last Wednesday


Hi, I haven’t completed my video interview yet. A friend who did it got an email saying he passed it but it’s not guaranteed that he could go to the assessment center.

Could you share some tips on the video interview? Btw I am applying for their summer internship but I’m pretty sure the video interview is the same. I heard there are 7 questions to answer. How much time do we get to prepare for each? How should I prepare before doing the interview?


I think it’s 2 mins prep time and 3 minutes to answer. With the q’s it’s really weird cause 1 question will have 3 or 4 sub-questions related to the main question so bear that in mind. All competency questions.


Thanks a lot


Hi, im filling out the application form for the RBS Finance graduate programme and I realised the application form process never asked me to upload a CV or cover letter, just asked me for personal details and the normal generic application form questions. I was wondering if it was like that for everyone or if I have somehow not seen where to upload? Thanks.


Yes it’s like that for everyone. The reason (explained by a RBS recruiter) is that they understand applicants may not have any work experience to write about in a CV.


Thanks for replying! Also it says I have to do a SJT but doesnt mention how long I have to do it within, is it safe to do the test the next day from getting the SJT? Also do you know which provider RBS use for their numerical and verbal tests (SHL, cut-e etc)? Would be helpful for practicing. Thanks again!


I can’t remember which SJT provider RBS use but it’s not more difficult than the others. There’s going to be a quite unique “logical test” after that and I’d say that’s the most difficult part of the online test. But don’t worry, I don’t think they are expecting us to do very well in that.


Okay thanks for all the help.


Hi I am on the video interview stage, could you please share your questions? :slight_smile: Would greatly appreciate your help.


I did mine around the same time as you


They’re all competency based questions with i think 5 questions. And moreover, each question had 2-3 subquestions in it. Overall, it wasn’t too hard!


i was doing my video interview when it crashed and then when i logged back in it had skipped the question i was on when it crashed. does anyone know what i can do?
i finished the rest of the questions but will i now just get rejected?