RBS - Global Markets Trading - Singapore


Hi there,

I passed the application stage for this role, and I passed the numerical test. Doing the verbal test tommorow so fingers crossed.

Anyone else applying for a similar role ?


Hey chim ya i applied and hhave passed both the tests like 3 weeks ago…

but havent heard from thhem since :frowning:


Looks like they are probably getting an interview organised for you then :wink:

Good luck with it Harsh.


haha sure Chim i so wish…

good luck with the tests…

let me knnw if uu hear sumthin…

which uni uu frm?


I’ve done the numerical test which I passed, still to do the verbal soon.

Yeah you aswell. Let me know. This is my email address : Hashim2989@msn.com. Feel free to contact me there.

University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. you ?


hey jjst got a mail from them for phone interview…
any inpuuts whhat the questions are gonna be like?


I just appeared in the numerical test and kind of blew it :(.
Attempted 17. Hopefully those are correct. But thinking about the standard of the problem I think 17 might not be enough. Can someone who passed tell me how many attempted??


i have been invited to take psychometric tests, applied for sales role with RBS. Can anyone elaborate on the type of tests (difficulty level, shl/phs/other/how many?..)



Hey guys, I passed the tests for a trading position in asia a while ago but havnt been contacted for a phone interview yet. Harsh, how long did it take you for them to arrange a phone int with you after you passed the tests ?
As for the questions if its anything like the 1st round phone ints ive had in the past its gonna be 90% behavioural with 10% motivational and no technicals.


KnifeEdge or anyone else, can you tell me a bit more about the tests for trading positions? I’ve a test for trading position in Europe. Is it one of the standard tests with 20-25 questions in 20 mins requiring relatively straightforward calculations (albeit time pressurized) from graphs and tables? Thanks for the help


I have done the numerical test just now. It’s 20 questions in 21 minutes. 3-5 consecutive questions are grouped with one chart/table. It’s simple calculation but it takes time to understand the chart and get correct numbers for calculation. I attempted only 16 questions. Will do verb tomorrow.


Im applying for a position in IB Grad Prog. I would be grateful if anyone could tell me whether psychometric tests include numerical and verbal only or inductive reasoning and personality tests are also covered?


Thanks for that Sam


hey guys any1 heard back frm them…i had my interview 3 weeks ago but havent heard anythin aftr that…


hey harsh,

I was wondering if you could provide me a timeline for how long it took between when you finished the tests and got your phone interview

I submitted my app (position in Hong kong) on the 25th of October and finished my online tests by the 29th of October and still haven’t received word for phone interview yet. I emailed em asking for an update a week ago and they just got back to me saying they still deciding on who to take to the next stage.

If anyone has been having the same experience please let me know, itll really calm my nerves to see that others are having the same experience.


Hi London blke,

Hipe you are doing god buddy. I have applied for GBM-Trading and need some info on the numerical and verbal test, would you mind sharing your contact number.


Hi Frustee,

I have appeared for GBM-Trading psychometric test and haven’t heard anything yet. I think it takes time! Could I have your number just to know more about numerical tests.


Hi KnifeEdge,

Has RBS got back to you? I’m in an identical position now, only I applied to GBM - Banking in HK. Only response I got so far was ‘you have met our requirements at the first assessed stage…’ and this was almost a month ago. If you’ve already been through this, pls let me know. It’ll help to calm MY nerves now…