RBS GBM technology



anyone been to interview with RBS GBM technology? plz advice me on how to prepare and what to expect?



Hey did you have your interview? How did it go?


Hi guys, I applied yesterday for the RBS GBM technology programme and today I have been invited to take a psychometric test, which they said is designed to look for key behaviours essential to the position that I have applied for.
I was wondering if it’s numerical, verbal or personality test? I would be very pleased to know about your experience.
BTW how was your interviews???

Thanks in advance.


the super center was tests(numerical and verbal ) and interview…i got selected and asked for AC on 17th Dec.

when is ur interview?

did u apply for GBM technology as well…that pychometrical test is neither numerical nor verbal and simple stuff to asses ur behavior.

any questions,let me know



Congratualions n8net for being selected. U made me feel a bit relax because I’m not 100% ready yet for the numerical test but if it’s just behavioral I’ll do it ASAP because I think I’m really late in my applications. Again congratulations !!!


BTW I too applied for the GBM Technology in London.



Are you going for the AC on 8:30 17 DEC? probably, we will in the same team then : )


Hey guys I’m going to a Super Centre on 4th Jan for GBM Technology, do you have an idea of what the tests/interviews will be like?


Hi kamen,

tests are numerical and verbal SHL-styled tests…if u practice them u shud be ok.interviews is normal bank competency stuff.y rbs? example of u led a team/had to make a difficult choice

hope it helps…all the best for ur SC



Hi n8net and jessica_rc,

I applied for RBS GBM tech in London, and been invited to ac on 8:30 17 DEC, hope to see you then.


yeah…jessica_rc and raistlin i hope to c u all thre too…


Hi n8net,

Yesterday I got a call from HR for booking me for a Super Centre. I think it’s getting quicker or was it the same for you, as I submitted my online questionnaire on Friday and I got my invite yesterday without telephone interview.

I just wanted some clarifications regarding your previous post. Did you mean Fastrack and Able test when you said the tests at the Super Centre are numerical and verbal SHL??? Because the HR guy told me that I’ll have Fastrack and Able test (+ interview if successful).

Good luck for your final AC and good luck to jessica_rc and raistlin533 too. Keep us posted.


For those going to the 17th AC good luck guys and come back to us with some details please :)).
All the best.


I hv got a corporate banking initial assessment day on 29th January 2009. The HR guy told me I’ll hv two tests, folowed by an interview if i can get the benchmark of the tests. Is this initial assessment day the same as super centre or it is already the final assessment centre?



Hi three,

I don’t know about corporate banking, but for the IT and many other programmes the initial assessment day is what they call Super Centre in which, from what I understand, there are 2 tests (Fastrack and OPP ABLE Test). If successful in these tests you will progress to the interview stage the same day. Then if successful at the interview you will be invited to the final assessment centre another day. Sorry if I couldn’t respond exactly to your question.

Good luck for your January initial assessment


hi Baba

Thank u for ur advice. It really helps…

Good luck to u~~~


Hi folks.
Firs of all merry XMAS to all…I have my super center on 4thJan… Everyone is talking about Fastrack and Able test . Can anyone light on what are these? This is my first interview and I am little nervous. What were the questions asked in the interview?
Please help


Have a look at the rbs telephone interview thread - the ac process is discussed in great detail there.



Hi three,

I forgot to update this page and I wanted to inform you to forget everything I said regarding your previous question. I had my Super Centre a couple of days ago and to my surprise it wasn’t exactly what the HR guy told me over the phone. Also, I talked to someone who had his SC yesterday and he told me that it’s not what I said in my previous post. It was competency based interview followed by usual SHL tests (numerical and verbal) or the other way round for other candidates (I mean you can also start with the tests and finish with the interview). As I said the tests are usual SHL numerical (20 qs in 20mn) and verbal (32 qs in 18mn) and they are both paper-based (not computer-based). So, I didn’t do any Fastrack or OPP ABLE test as their HR guy told me when I got the invite. Also, it was not like you have to pass the tests before reaching the interview stage. We were assessed on everything. However, bear in mind that I applied for IT and the friend I asked also applied for IT so just keep on what they told you. But, in my case what I have been told was neither exactly right. Nevertheless if it’s the same format as I did then the tests are just usual SHL.

Sorry for all the confusions I may have caused you and I hope this may help.

I was wondering if there is a way to delete my previous post to avoid any further confusion.


Hi Baba
Many thnX for letting me know~~~hope everything is going well with u…:slight_smile: