RBS GBM Technology Assessment Centre


Hey guys had my assessment center today and seen as I’ve had a lot of help from the good people on Wikijobs time for me to add my two pennies:

Arrived at 8:45, collected name badges got taken to board room to fill in personal information.

8 of us arrived got split into 2 groups of 4. Our group did the logic test first for more info on this please message me.

After this we were then assessed by 2 people in which we were each given a scenario which we had to read within 2 minutes and then debrief the other team members. The other team members had to do the same and then we were given 30 minutes to discuss the different scenarios, prioritise them and resolve them. Key things here are listening to others, discussing things effectively and generally working as a team. Message me for more info.

We were then given about 25 minutes to write out a 15 minute presentation on one of the scenarios. (GRAB EXTRA FLIPCHART PAPER) you will need it and they only gave you 2 or 3 extra. You then present to one of 4 very friendly assessors, very relaxed but you had to know your stuff.

Once that was over we had lunch, then we had the next part. The interviews, this is not as straightforward so message me specific questions and I’ll answer to the best of my knowledge.

Cheers and best of luck to everyone,



So I didn’t realise how popular this would get and as opposed to PMing everybody personally I’ve decided to just post the info on here:


First there’s the logic test its based on shapes doing certain things to letters so for example ABC goes through a square and turns into CBA, so then you know square reverses the order of the letters. The patterns get a little complicated with different shapes doing different things, try and work very fast as we all ran out of time. (Also it may be a different test so don’t invest too much time practicing this in case it doesn’t come up.

Then the group session, we got given a situation each given 2 minutes to read it, then explain and discuss it. Quite straight forward, make sure you assign yourself as the time keeper at the beginning (for brownie points). Whatever you don’t talk to the people assessing you, pretend they’re invisible. Also be wary an extra situation will be thrown in the mix to catch the group off guard so prepared for that. Nominate yourself to read that while your team discusses things (again for extra brownie points) but be quick as you need to absorb it quickly and relay it to your team. It’s about a guy dealing with a team who are having problems delivering a service due to certain factors.

After this your expected to present the scenario that was chucked in later. Your assigned limited flipchart paper, there is extras (but there is not enough on purpose) so make sure you grab an extra sheet whether you need it or not (brownie points for future planning).

After this is the interview:

I only had a competency interview which is your run of the mill…’ give me a situation where’ kind of thing. For this all I can say is make sure you have a lot of examples that are outside your studies and academic life. But the interviewers varied and one girl got lumbered with technical questions so be prepped.

From a Technical point of view I do a bit of research on RBS so you’re in luck.

Firstly you can say RBS’s share price has jumped from 17p in December to around 27-28p last week.

GBM is RBS’s investment banking arm and is made of 9 business areas one of which is operations.

Stephen Hester recently forced to refuse his bonus by public.

Stephen Hester has expressed that his 5 year plan for RBS make take longer, however on the pluus a lot of business sectors in RBS made a profit in 2011 as he set out to do.

RBS results were out last Thursday showing a loss of I think 2bn (check this as I’m not sure of the correct value) but it was a huge loss.

The strongest business sectors in RBS GBM are risk management, transactional services and debt financing.

RBS are looking at a major rehash of GBM focusing on the strengths of the business and even possibly renaming it.

They sold Hoare Govett to Jefferies as a method of raising funds.

They sold their aviation sector to a Japanese company.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.


Thanks alot mate!


What’s logic test look like in AC?? Similar to RBS typical online test or SHL or PSL? or none of these? Thank you.