RBS - GBM - Operations A/C



Does anyone have any experience of the Operations A/C?

Any ideas as to what the day entails?

Thank you.


It involves a written report, test, group discussion, interview and presentation.

Did anyone attend today’s A/C?


I’m attending the RBS Ops AC tomorrow @_@

Messy, could you please tell me more about the written report?? What kind of report are you supposed to produce? What topic? How many minutes do you have for preparation?

And btw, what test did you take? Is it numerical or verbal?



i think the test messy means is the ABLE test right??


It is the ABLE test.

Good luck anfis_qq!


so there is no numerical at all niketown?

also when do they inform you whether u get it or not?


No numerical. I would assume 3 days.


really!! so theres no retest at all? man how comes?

kk 3 days wow…my mate got UBS last friday and got told the same day! have u already done it?


neone heard nething?


what is the ABLE test?


hi did anyone give telephonic interview for GBM Operation ? one of the qs is your fav topic… wud b a grt help if anyone has given it or guide me over this question…


It could be quite literally, anything you are passionate about. You are expected to justify your answer and talk about it in depth. As long as you prepare for it and are confident, you should be fine.


thnx ya …


I took my A/C on Tuesday 7th Decemebr and I got the call today saying yes, so it can take a week to hear back. The ABLE test is a basic financial analysis test. You dont need any previous experience with the this sort of thing. The booklet given to you tells you how to work out the ratios etc… it is testing your ability to learn quickly under timed pressure.


Could anyone give me RBS hr e-mail? thanks…


May I know which location do you apply for? And your role. Thanks.


I applied for operations in London. Then after my phone interview I got a call asking if I would take an assessment centre in Manchester as London was full (they are relocating a lot of operations to Manchester) so I took Manchester.


When are the assessment centres?


london, newcastle under lyne (staffordshire), and manchester


Thanks so much. Good luck.