RBS GBM Operations 2012 - Offer


Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has got the offer from RBS GBM OPS. If so, please PM me and lets discuss more about the offer n other issues. Anyone needs the AC sharing are also welcome to drop me a msg!

Thanks everybody and happy holidays!!


hey lovelondon,

i’ve got my 1st round int for the same role in a couple of days and i was wondering if you could share your experience?

and congratulations on the job offer and happy new year!



r u applying for london office? fulltime?

the 1st round is exactly the same as the questions outlined in the email invitation u received. be noted that the HR will ask for details of every example u gave, e.g. what difficulties u encounter during ur project, etc…hope this may help


i’m applying to the manchester gbm ops grad scheme.

that’s excellent. i’ve noticed some companies don’t tend follow the questions/guide the provide in the email.

i can only assume it’s a fairly short and straight forward int? how quick did they get back to you after the first round?



Hello everyone

I have an offer for GBM Ops in Ldn full time for 2012. ‘lovelondon’…are you on Facebook?

Hope everyone is well and happy 2012.



oh! when did u get the offer? r u accepting it? PM me pls…


the tele in is around 30mins…

it took abt 2 weeks to get the call for AC


I got an offer back in late October/ early November and have accepted.


From the email it seems like they ask near enough the exact same questions from what was in the online app. Do you think it would be alright to mention the same stuff from the app in the int?



i think it;s okay


hey how much is RBS paying for its Operations 2012 start?
Morgan stanley is paying me 37


Pay is not relevant…it should be why you want to work for your chosen scheme, not salary. Ask something constructive that may be of potential help,


hi i’m back. passed the 1st round int and got my ac in a couple of weeks, what can you tell me about it please?



Howdy peeps,

How long did it take for RBS to make an offer to use? It’s been almost a week since I took part in the AC in Manchester but still haven’t heard back :-/

What should I make of this?