RBS GBM Graduate Programme 2012



Did not find a Forum for RBS 2012 Graduate Programme. So I thought I would start one.
Has anyone applied for the RBS GBM Graduate Programme 2012?
I applied for the GBM Technology and have been invited to take the Online Logical Reasoning Test.

Please post queries and updates to this forum…

Thanks and Regards
Prasanth John


Hi Prasanth,

I have applid to GBM 2012 and have been invited to elements logical test too…Have you taken this test? Any advice how to tackle it?


Hey, I applied to the IBD summer scheme at RBS GBM. Literally just completed the logical test, and all I can say is that it’s nothing like the SHL Online tests. A bit disappointed really, as I find the SHL tests fairly simple, this one didn’t seem to go well enough. sigh.


@ Ssmok: I agree with ibd12. The elements logic test was something that I have never seen before. I have given at least 6 -7 online logical test and nothing of this sort. But the only advice is to remain calm and find the solution. Initially I was shocked to see the logical test (cause RBS used SHL inductive reasoning to test the candidates, which is easy), but I tried my best to answer them. I answered 9 out of 12 if I remember right. I was lucky to clear the logical test for RBS GBM and also gave the next round which is a telephonic interview.

Each question has a time limit of 75 seconds. So keep that in mind before you give the test.

Best of Luck.

@ibd12: Hope u clear the test.


@PKJobseeker: No numerical test? Which position did you apply to?


I did both tests. I guess I passed the logical one because I was invited to sit a numerical test two days ago, which I completed just now. I found the numerical easier than SHL tests although I now realize I made one or two mistakes. Hopefully, I did enough…


Hi jobhunter__1
I applied for RBS GBM Technology.
What about you?


I applied to IBD and passed the logical test. I received an email that contained the message: “After reviewing your responses at the online testing stage, we are pleased to inform you that your performance has met our requirements, and that you will now be considered for progression to the next stage, which will be a face-to-face assessment.”

Slightly odd that they didn’t ask for a numerical test though, as most IBD’s do - then again, I’m certainly not complaining! They did, however, state that not all candidates who passed the test are offered the face-to-face interviews, and that I’ll be informed at a later date whether or not my application will be taken further.

Good luck to you all.


Thanks for your answers.

I applied to GBM - Research & Strategy London.

Any idea how long it takes for an update after taking the tests?

Good luck with your applications.



I just gave the logical reasoning test. Agreed, it so different from others!!

@PKJobseeker, @ibd12 After how much time do they get back to you after the logical reasoning test?


2 days for me…


I received a call in the morning. I have a first round this Wednesday!
Any idea what it’ll be like? The lady who called me kind of rushed it on the phone, so I couldn’t ask her.


I think I passed the logical one, because I got invited for a numerical reasoning test. I did that, I kind of think it was a bit tough as there were unlimited options :expressionless:

No reply from them yet. Lets see.


Hey guys,

Yesterday I scheduled a telephone interview for tomorrow, and began preparing for it last night.

And this afternoon, I got an email that says I got rejected!!! I am shocked by HR’s inconsistent decision making process. Sadly enough, they are responsible for the future of the bank.

Well, the RBS journey ends for me here… I don’t think I will ever consider RBS as a place I want to work at some other stage of my life.

Good luck to you all. Hope you get your dream jobs!


I would consider contacting them and explaining the situation - it seems really unfair to ask for an interview and then say no!! I still haven’t heard anything since the logical test…


@jobhunter__1: Sorry to hear about that. As ibd12 mentioned u should call the HR to find out what happened. There should be some genuine reason.
Don’t worry… There a better offer waiting for you out there…

@shruthinagani: They got back the very next day.

How its going with others? Anyone got an invite for the assessment centre?


I gave the numerical reasoning test day before yesterday. No reply since, should I take it as a bad news or they will notify me about it, even if it is a rejection?


They will definitely notify you whatever the outcome is. In the graduate recruitment process delays are usually considered as a positive sign. Hope for the best…



Thanks, apparently they tried to. I got a mail from them that they are trying to call me to arrange a phone interview but cannot reach my number (yayy!). I have mailed them back through the message center in my app. Is that ok? Or should I try to reach them over phone?


The message centre reply should be enough. They will get back. But to be 100 percent sure you can also try to get them over the phone.